Kristen Bell Wants You To Be Her Date To The 'Veronica Mars' Movie Premiere

March 14. Surely your calendars are already marked, but we feel the need to remind everyone at least once a day when the Veronica Mars movie is coming out. We've got just under a month until the film finally hits theaters and fills that rabid void in our souls, and we've also apparently got just under a month until Kristen Bell takes someone to the Veronica Mars movie premiere. And all you gotta do to have a chance at being that lucky mofo is make a donation to help fight homelessness.

Bell, working with Team Omaze and PATH, is holding a raffle to determine who will be flown out to LA, put up in a hotel, and then razzle-dazzled before showing up as her date to the Veronica Mars premiere. "Trust me, our story together will be epic," she said, very intentionally triggering all those Logan-and-Veronica feelings many marshmallows have bubbling right at the surface. The dealio includes riding up to the premiere with Bell, walking the red carpet together (including taking part in those red carpet interviews), sitting next to each other during the film, etc. As she said, "We're probably [even] gonna get freaky at the after party together."

"Who knows, maybe it'll go so well that we'll end up becoming besties and going on family road trips together, or start a book club focused solely on autobiographies and name each other's children." Don't even joke about that.

Entering is pretty simple: It's 10 dollars a pop (though there are some nifty deals if you wanna buy more than one ticket), and all proceeds go to PATH, an organization working to end homelessness. You can learn more about PATH here, and you can enter the raffle here.