Jon Snow's Haircut Could Be A Big Deal On 'GoT'

After months of speculation, Game of Thrones fans finally got their wish as Jon Snow was officially resurrected in the second episode of Season 6. Jon's return to the living is an event worthy of cupcakes and a new round of Game of Thrones theories. After all, just because he has been resurrected doesn't mean Jon will be exactly the same. One very important part of Jon Snow is about to go through a major change: his hair. That's right, guys, Kit Harington was not lying when he said he chopped off his luscious locks. The man is just so blessed with gorgeous hair that no one noticed it got shorter.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Harington revealed, "We cut it much shorter for this season, and do a different hairstyle this season and put it up in a bun." You know, I am not usually a fan of the man bun, but, if anyone can pull off the controversial look, it is Jon. According to Harington, he started the now infamous Jon Snow hair watch of 2015 to put fans off the scent, but, when he started filming Season 6, the show actually cut his hair even more.

On a show like Game of Thrones everything — including a haircut — is significant, especially where Jon is concerned. The Lord Commander's new look may hint at some major revelations about what his resurrection means for the show and the character moving forward.

1. Jon Snow Is Now Azor Ahai

As far back as Season 1, Jon was protective of his hair. Remember the scene in the pilot where Robb and Theon teased him about having to get it cut for Robert's arrival at Winterfell? If Jon truly is "the prince that was promised," Azor Ahai reborn, then Jon nonchalantly cutting his hair would be a major tip off. It would mean Jon as the fans know him is truly dead, and the man that woke up on that table is a legendary warrior who is destined to save the Seven Kingdoms. In other words, no one was lying behind the scenes because Harington would technically be playing a new character.

2. Jon Is Giving Up His Post As Lord Commander

Death is the only thing that can release a member of the Night's Watch from their lifetime of service, and Jon has now died. Cutting his hair could be a symbolic gesture of his fresh start that includes shedding the black, and returning to his identity as Jon Snow, son of Eddard Stark. If Sansa, Brienne, and Podrick make it to The Wall, Jon could decide that after all he has been through he would rather be a defender of his Stark sibling than a defender of the realm. If Jon does leave his post with the Night's Watch, then here is hoping Dolorous Edd takes over as Lord Commander.

3. Jon Only Woke Up Because Melisandre Messed Up His Hair

Jon loves his hair, and Melisandre butchered it in her attempt to resurrect Jon. He was probably chilling in the afterlife with his dad and Robb when he sensed a strong disturbance in the force, and came gasping back to life because Melisandre totally chopped off part of his hair. Indignant, Jon will have no choice but to fix the mess Melisandre made of his hair and start the man bun trend in Westeros.

Whether it is a symbolic gesture of rebirth or Jon trying to make the best of a bad haircut, his new look may mean there are even more twists to come in Jon's story.

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