Lucious' Mom Showed Her True Colors On 'Empire'

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely never going to be able to look at my own grandmother the same way ever again. After years of being apart, Lucious reunited with his mother, Leah Walker, on Empire and we were finally given an explanation for why Lucious had lied about the whole thing. You see, apparently, all of those terrible things really did happen to him with one big exception — the gun she attempted to shoot herself with didn't have any bullets. That's when he decided to put his memory of her to rest and take up a new identity. So coming face-to-face with her again was understandably difficult, even when she's now just a sweet old lady... or is she? By the end of the episode it became clear that Lucious' mom is more dangerous than she seems.

In a scene that immediately sent chills up my spine, we saw Leah stand over Lucious menacingly with a knife and demand that he eat the cakes that she worked hard to bake for him. Granted, normally, I wouldn't call being forced to eat cake all that troubling. Heck, you wouldn't even have to ask me twice to do it. But it was clear that she was reestablishing her dominance and control over her son. She claimed to have sent his maid, Juanita, away, which probably meant that she fired her, but that knife in her hand suggests a potentially different story.

But there was more than just cake be served during this late-night snack party. Leah was also dealing out hearty helpings of guilt and bitter regrets toward her son. "I was sick. Now I’m sorry — sorry I was too weak to kill you when I had the chance." Uhhh... excuse me? Demanding that he eat her cake is one thing, but wishing that she had killed him back when he was a child is a whole different ballgame. Should we be worried about Lucious' safety?

I normally don't side with Lucious in any way, shape, or form, but I'm starting to think he had the right idea about putting Leah in a facility where she was under supervision. It’s clear that she can became very dangerous when not receiving help, which could have serious ramifications for not just Lucious, but the whole Lyon family.

Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX