The Best 'Harry Potter' Wedding You Will Ever See

Plenty of people have themed their weddings based on the famous boy wizard, but none of them will ever come close to the heart-stopping and ridiculously on point Harry Potter wedding of Cassie and Lewis Byrom. Every sweeping view and perfect minute detail was captured by photographer Kelly Clarke, who may just actually be a witch doing us a favor by slumming with the Muggles, because her pictures are straight up magical.

The diehard Potterhead couple wed at Manchester Town Hall, which is a majestic Hogwarts look-alike if there ever were one. To put it simply: If you're already married, they've put your wedding to shame. Don't beat yourself up about it, though — these pictures make a Kardashian wedding look like office happy hour. And if you're not married? This is going to make you want to yank the first person you see on the street and force them into marrying you this instant if only to have an excuse to commission a giant Harry Potter wedding cake.

Before you scroll down and look at these images, I should warn you that they will probably kill you dead. To see more of photographer Kelly Clarke's work, be sure to hit her up at her photography website or on her Facebook page. In the meantime ... get ready for some fandom feels.

The couple embarked on this beautifully nerdy wedding after Lewis proposed at Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter last year.

Although you would think from a bird's eye view that the Byrom's wedding was just like any other classy affair, there were actually ~surprise~ Potter easter eggs all over the event. For instance, the bride snuck all sorts of adorable Harry Potter into her ensemble.

And, of course, tied it together with this gorgeous bouquet ...

... Which just happens to be made out of the pages of Harry Potter books.

All of the guests were assigned to sit at either the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Hufflepuff tables. I find this particularly commendable, because sorting your own family and friends seems like it would be one of the most challenging tasks in planning such a wedding.

And don't even get me started about this CAKE. If I had an actual Time Turner, I would use it to get myself invited to this wedding and cut myself a slice of that masterpiece.

That is, of course, after I get over the majestic nerdery of this perfect couple.

I'm pretty sure this wedding is the closest you could ever get in your adult life to attending Hogwarts for real.

So basically, if anybody needs me, don't. My FOMO is so incurable that I'll be laying in a fetal position in St. Mungo's until the end of time.

Congratulations to the happy couple, Cassie and Lewis Byrom. And un-congratulations to the rest of us PLEBES who will never ascend to their level of dorky greatness.

(Check out more of Kelly Clarke's work on her photography website or on her Facebook page!)

Images: Courtesy of Kelly Clarke