Kim K. Steals From Kris Jenner's Closet, Too

Kris Jenner is always getting called out for copying her daughters, but we can't overlook the fact that they do steal from her from time to time. Kim Kardashian wore a choker Nicole Brown Simpson gave to Kris Jenner, according to Us Weekly, so lay off Kris, because her daughters totally borrow from her closet, too.

The Kardashians are currently on a family vacation in Cuba, and if that wasn't headline-making enough, Kardashian was spotted out in Havana wearing a gothic choker that was gifted to her mom by Nicole Brown Simpson back in 1988. The choker is black with a large, gold cross on it, and even though it might sound like a little much, the vintage accessory is totally perfect for a locale like Cuba. The 35-year-old paired the statement choker with an all-white outfit, and loose, undone wavy hair, so it didn't look too done or over-the-top. Because let's be real, that could have gone from chic to gaudy real quick.

We know the choker is borrowed, though, because Kardashian snapped a photo of it on Snapchat on Sunday, writing "My moms necklace. Gift from Nicole Brown Simpson #1988." And honestly, it's pretty fierce.

So chic, right? It looks like she literally stepped back in time. Loving the vintage vibes. Let's see it up close:

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Gorg. And chokers are making a comeback right now, anyway, so it's on trend.

But this isn't the first time one of Kris Jenner's daughters has stolen from her closet, remember when Kylie rocked that '80s bikini?

And Kardashian also wore one of Jenner's old dresses:

So see? The closet door totally swings both ways.