10 Signs Your Parents Raised You To Be Ambitious

Looking back on my upbringing, I can remember a mom who showered me with love and affection, supported all of my scholarly and athletic endeavors, and encouraged me to become the best me I could possibly be — just a few signs that my parents raised me to be ambitous, motivated, and successful. My mom was always in the first row at dance recitals, cheering me on in the school play, and beaming from ear to ear when my teachers told her I was basically a young Einstein. (They didn't say that exactly, but I know that's what they meant.)

I'm sure every parent has big dreams for their kid. Before babies are even born, we're doing things to hopefully give them better lives. We've all seen that mom-to-be — eight million months pregnant and wearing headphones on her belly because she heard that Mozart will make her fetus smarter. We love our kids so much.

I know that our personalities are shaped by both nature and nurture. I believe that my ambitious personality (sometimes a little too ambitious) is simply part of who I am. I also know, however, that I largely have my mom to thank for my desire to constantly set bigger goals and not stop until I achieve them. Did your parents raise you to be ambitious? If they did, you probably remember these things from your past.

1. TV Time Encouraged Educational Shows And Videos


This meant less Ren & Stimpy and more Bill Nye and Schoolhouse Rock. But you never complained because Bill Nye was the shizzle.

2. They Gave You Extra "Big Kid" Chores


It wasn't just about picking up your toys. They'd have you sort laundry and sometimes, sometimes, they'd send you to the mailbox. By yourself.

3. Good Grades Were Always Rewarded — And In More Ways Than One


Sometimes straight As on a report card almost meant a new Barbie doll, the latest Super Soaker, or a trip to Sbarro for a piece of pizza the size of your face; however, they always meant a glowing sense of pride in your accomplishments, regardless as to whether there was a neat prize to accompany it.

4. They Instilled A Sense Of Healthy Competition In You


Not too much, but just enough.

5. Every Now And Then, They'd Let You Pretend To Be A Grown-Up


I think it was their way of helping us feel included, and looking at us as human beings, not clueless little kids. Sometimes, my mom would let me have a sip of her coffee. I hated the taste but felt totally cool.

6. They Were Never Angry — Just... Disappointed


We were eager to please. An angry parent was mostly just scary. But a disappointed one? If that make you want to do better next time, nothing would.

7. You Were In Every Club In School


Your parents always encouraged your participation in extracurricular activities, contributing to your reputation as a classic overachiever. But they didn't overload you — you got to pick and choose what you wanted to do.

8. You Had A Tutor For Everything


And math lessons usually fell somewhere in between piano and soccer.

9. They Kept In Close Contact With Your Teachers


Hell, my mom and my teachers were BFFs — probably because I was at school all. The. Freaking. Time.

10. They Remembered To Remind You That No One Is Perfect


Because equally as important as learning to be motivated is learning that along the way, you will make mistakes — and that that's not only OK, but actually good. We learn as much from our failures as our successes; there's value in everything.

Images: Imani Clovis/Unsplash; Giphy (10)