'The Lego Movie' Even Makes Snow Awesome

Well, shut it down Internet, we can all go home now, Will Arnett read school closing news and it was the most delightful thing of the week. The Arrested Development star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to announce a handful of school snow days across the northeast, and he did it in his Lego Batman voice because quite literally, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME.

John J. Flynn Elementary School in Burlington, Vermont were awarded one of the best Lego Batman dismissals with, “Hey Burlington...get to work in that coat factory.” And now those kids are the envy of all their friends in neighboring towns. As if the debate even needed to be continued, Lego Batman is now by far a greater Batman than Christian Bale’s Batman.

With the nation blanketed in snow, we’ve seen quite a few clever snow day announcements including the “Ice, Ice Baby” principals at North Carolina’s Durham Academy. I’m afraid these fresh and fly administrators will have to step aside as now Lego Batman snow day has just totally eclipsed their YouTube fame. But hey, no hard feelings, guys, because snow days and hilarious snow day announcements are AWESOME.

And even though Arnett made the announcements from sunny Los Angeles, he had to be at least a little excited about the snow. Even though cities are completely covered in powder and ice, millions of people are still making the trek out to see The Lego Movie. So, anyone in Oak Bluff Massachusetts want to catch a matinee tomorrow?