15 Dresses To Wear Under Your Graduation Gown

Some of the biggest moments in your life also require some of the baddest looks to remember them by, like your important birthdays, weddings, and of course, graduation. And since sweating is a very real thing, lightweight dresses for graduation are not only a good idea — they're practically a necessity. Trust me on this one: Having gone through two graduations and suffering through the long ceremony, the only thing that saved me was the breeze.

Graduation, whether it's from high school, college, or grad school, is always an exciting moment in your life. After hours — no, days — of writing papers, listening to lectures, and doing most of the work for group projects, you get the final reward: the cash and gifts from your party. Just kidding. It's all about the degree, right?

But there's nothing like celebrating a graduation. Unlike your birthday or any other holiday, you've worked for this celebration, and there's usually exciting times ahead. And when something important is happening in my life, my first instinct is to pick something ultra special to remember the moment. Plus, think of all the pictures that everyone's going to take!

And since graduation (usually) hits in the summer months, when days are suddenly getting warmer and warmer, it's probably a good idea to choose a dress that's going to breathe. Graduations are long, and often outside. And there's only so much deodorant, dry shampoo, and wind to help you. Plus, you've got your gown on top of everything! So it's like wearing two layers in mid-May. Not comfy.

So, in honor of celebrating you, here's some lightweight dresses that look both fabulous and feel super airy for the big day. Take all the photos you please.

1. This Linen Beauty

Reformation Manon Dress, $198,

Plus, this beautiful color works for every occasion in the summer.

2. This Nude Color

Mesh Finish Dress, $65,

Obsessed with how pretty this color is.

3. This Boho Dress

ASOS CURVE Boho Off Shoulder Dress, $24.26,

There is literally nothing chicer right now than an off the shoulder dress.

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4. The Wrap

Boohoo Plus Bella Striped Wrap Front Dress, $40,

Obsessed with this more casual look.

5. This Cutout Beauty

Embroidered Cotton Dress, $129.99,

A little chic, a little sexy.

6. Boho

Missguided Plus Size Bardot Printed Dress, $47.60,

So in love with the feel of this one.

7. The Purple

ASOS Floral Ruffle Mini Shift Dress, $77.64,

The color scheme is perfection.

8. Pretty Garden

Mango Floral Print Dress, $69.99,

Add some killer shoes and you're all set.

9. This Jumpsuit

Simonettah Tie-Back Jumpsuit, $289,

Ok, so this one's a jumpsuit, but how gorgeous is it? Obsessed.

10. All White Errthang

Babaton Tony Dress, $110,

This one's so pretty, it hurts.

11. Sunshine

Plus Size Floral Shift Dress, $24.90,

When in doubt, wear yellow!

12. Plaid

Nightbreeze Mini Dress, $98.50,

For a more casual look.

13. The Cream

Camilla Off Shoulder Dress, $82,

Perfect for any dress barbecue, too!

14. The Midi

Lace Midi Dress, $129,

So simple, yet so pretty.

15. The Double Layer

H&M Satin Dress, $34.99,

I'm all about monochromatic looks.

We've got just a few weeks until the big day — Make it count, and make it feel breezy.