Haley Joel Osment Lands An Exciting Role

You may still think of him as the "I see dead people" kid, but Haley Joel Osment is set to play a role in a big upcoming movie. Haley Joel Osment landed a supporting role in the Entourage movie. The film, which began shooting in January, stars the cast from the original television series including Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, and Jerry Ferrara. Billy Bob Thorton, who was not in the show, is also reported to appear in the film. The name and description of Osment's character have not yet been released. The film is being directed by Entourage creator, Doug Ellin, who co-wrote the script with Rob Weiss.

While you may not have seen Osment since 1999's The Sixth Sense, he has been working ever since. He starred in a couple feature films in recent years and has done quite a bit of voiceover work for video games. This year, Osment was part of the ensemble cast of the IFC miniseries The Spoils of Babylon which included Kristen Wiig, Tobey McGuire, and Will Ferrell. Get ready to see a lot more of Osment before Entourage even premieres. He has three movies coming out in 2014 — Me Him Her, The World Made Straight, and Tusk. Sounds like this might be the year Osment makes his big, post-Sixth Sense mark on the acting world. Transitioning out of being known solely as a child star is hard and these new additions to his resume are sure to help.

Entourage does not have a release date yet, but executive producer Mark Wahlberg said in an interview on The Tonight Show, "We’re going to shoot a couple of days this month and come back in April and finish the movie and hopefully it will be ready for the fall."