Something Tasty is Cooking for Kelis

Diamonds on my neck, diamonds on my grill. Outdoor grill, that is! Monday morning, R&B singer Kelis tweeted about her latest enterprise: a cooking show! Saucy and Sweet will premiere Feb. 26 on the Cooking Channel. Saucy and Sweet is a fun name. I’m all about it. It’s way better than anything I’d whip up. I'd get stuck on "Bossy." "Bossy" is probably one of my top 10 favorite songs. I wouldn't let go until the TV show had a "Bossy"-themed title. I would want to call it “Bossy and Milkshake.” While this idea does pay homage to Kelis’s music, it doesn’t have a great ring to it. It sounds like a milkshake-only program (let's be real: I'd watch that, too). Fortunately for the show, I was not the person coming up with the name.

Kelis’s passion for the culinary arts is not a new thing: the singer graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, and last fall she debuted a line of sauces and glazes called “Feast."

Saucy and Sweet doesn’t mean she’s put her music career on hold, however. FOOD, her sixth studio album, will drop in April. FOOD! Yes, that's right. It's an INTEREST FUSION! A few food-themed song titles from the track list: “Jerk Ribs,” “Breakfast,” Cobbler,” “Fish Fry,” and “Biscuits ’n’ Gravy.” Perfect? Perfect.

I am all about cooking shows. I am all about Kelis. So yeah, I’m all about Saucy and Sweet. Here are my thoughts regarding the lovely promo:

-0:28: “She sizzles on stage…”Sizzles… is that a cooking joke? Definitely a cooking joke. I DIG IT.

-0:26: “…And rocks it in her kitchen.”Rocks. A music joke. Oh! I see what they did there. I applaud the joke switcheroo.

-0:25: Is that her real kitchen? Or is that her TV “kitchen”? Do cooking shows ever use real kitchens? I don’t think so. Ugh, doesn’t matter. Kitchen, real or not, is incred.

-0:24: “Sock it to me.” I can't breathe. She's so effortless.

-0:23: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes to that look. SHE IS FIRE.

-0:21: Oh, this part reminds me! I would like to hug Kelis.

-0:16: “My life is an adventure to be savored.”This should be everyone's mantra. We'd all benefit from saying in the mirror every morning.

-0:13: She chops a pepper with what looks like a pink knife. I covet that pink knife.

-0:11: The look she hits us with here? It is my everything.

-0:09: All of the food looks delicious. Kelis isn't messing around.

-0:08: Oh, this part reminds me! I would like to attend a Kelis dinner party.

-0:07: “I show my love through food.”YES.