What Does Your State Google About Moms?

by Emma Cueto

Mother's Day is upon us, which means you should be thinking more about Mom — but it turns out people in different states think about Mom a little differently, as evidenced by Google. So what mom-related search terms are uniquely popular in your state? There's a map from Estately that can tell you. Though, your state's mother-related fixation might surprise you.

As with most maps showing Google data, the Estately map doesn't show what the most popular search related to mothers is in each state, but rather what unique mom-related search a state has been Googling more than any other. So people in Arizona aren't more interested in "mom memes" than Mother's Day and people in Louisiana (probably) aren't Googling "What does MILF mean" more than, say, something about what to get your mother for her birthday. But the point still remains: Some states have some very particular interests when it comes to moms.

Plus, it turns out there are a lot of Google searches related to mothers — from things like "mom tattoos" to "mom blogs" to searches about individual mothers, there's a lot of "mom" out there in cyberspace. And some of the terms are pretty unexpected. All the hype surrounding Mother's Day might give off the impression that motherhood is all warm and sweet and domestic. There are Mother's Day cards and presents and poems and it all seems very sweet. But in reality, mothers are definitely not such a contained part of our lives.

Which does make sense. You know, on account of that whole giving birth to you and/or raising you thing.

So which state is super interested in the "Goddess of Motherhood," and which state just wants to watch the 2011 film Mars Needs Moms? Which state loves minivans, and which state is more into mom jeans? And who is just concerned about their mother-in-law? You can look at the map below to find out, or find a full-size version here.