Justin Timberlake Releases Teaser for "Take Back the Night": Oh, the Agony of Waiting!

Justin Timberlake, that coy son-of-a-gun, released a teaser video on YouTube Wednesday for his upcoming single, "Take Back the Night." The 45-second video (not even a whole minute — he's the expert on teasing) shows Timberlake in a black-and-white video getting out of a convertible with a bunch of handwritten signs showing the release dates of his past music videos and the drop of The 20/20 Experience. The last sign says "Take Back the Night," followed by one with the release date blurred out. Oh, the agony.

It doesn't make a lot of sense, but who cares? Because the end of the YouTube video reads, "The 20/20 Experience Continues." That's right people, ANOTHER ALBUM coming, rumored to drop in September.

JustinTimberlake on YouTube

No one loves Justin Timberlake like Justin Timberlake. I mean, that Mirrors music video is just like five minutes of Timberlake giving himself bedroom eyes. And I support it, because I, along with the rest of the world that grew up loving noodle-haired heartthrob Timberlake in his 'N SYNC days, waited six whole years for him to drop another album after 2007's Future Sex / Love Sounds. So a two-part album released just months apart is sweet, sweet heaven to me.