Megyn Kelly Went To The Kentucky Derby

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has become a popular figure in the 2016 presidential race, as Donald Trump insists on feuding with the well-known journalist. Although she refuses to engage in the fight and continues to cover him as the presumptive Republican nominee that he is, their tense interactions are always closely monitored. Taking a break from the presidential horse race to attend another, Kelly went to the Kentucky Derby Saturday. Apparently, she actually has a life outside of the 2016 race — who knew?

The news anchor posted a photo on Twitter of her before and after looks, the first featuring a The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon t-shirt and the second showing off the navy blue halter dress she wore to the Derby, accessorized with an oversized white hat, of course. Honestly, both looks were great. Kelly didn't give any details about what she was doing at the Churchill Downs Racetrack besides writing, "good times," though pictures were taken of her entering the Louisville track with her husband.

She took a selfie with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn, tweeting: "The incredible, powerful @lindseyvonn at the #KentuckyDerby." Later on, she ran into Richie Sambora, the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi, and snapped another photo in her epic hat.

The acclaimed journalist didn't hint at which horse she was rooting for or whether or not she placed any bets before the race, but after Nyquist was crowned the 142nd Kentucky Derby winner, she tweeted: "No luck w/#Suddenbreakingnews but a galant effort. Congrats to the victor #Nyquist!!" The news runs in her blood, and she just couldn't help but cheer for the horse named after her industry.

Kelly and her husband flew down to Louisville with CBS anchor Gayle King, who took a selfie with the couple on the plane. The fellow journalist didn't realize she had a piece of food stuck in her teeth for the photo, later posting a close-up of her dirty smile, thanking the man who bravely told her to check her teeth. King also posted afterwards that Kelly and she both bet on Suddenbreaking news (for "obvious reasons"), showing the two news women holding their losing tickets.

The Derby was the end of an extremely busy week for Kelly with the White House Correspondent's Dinner last Saturday in Washington D.C. and the Met Gala Monday in New York. She's probably dying to wear sweat pants and stay in the same city for a few days next week.