9 Female Celebrities Who Are Bisexual, Queer, Or Have Simply Dated Women

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On Tuesday, we were excited to learn that actress Michelle Rodriguez and model Cara Delevingne are officially a couple. How exciting is this? I mean, just look at those shots of them having a blast at a New York Knicks game back in January.

Of course, Rodriguez and Delevingne aren’t the first female celebrities to openly date women. While Rodriguez identifies as bisexual, many celebrities who've dated women are somewhere else on the spectrum —whether they identify as queer, fluid, or none of the above.

Whereas in the past many women who loved women kept that love out of the public eye (I’m looking at you Marlene Dietrich and Eleanor Roosevelt), the generations of women that followed have been more forthcoming about their personal lives.

Here are nine other female celebrities who have dated girls, and didn’t care who knew it.

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