Was it a Happy 'Shahs' Reunion?

The Shahs of Sunset finale was a thing of joy. Just about everyone was delighted to be around one another, and that is a FEAT for this show. A feat to be celebrated.

Part one of the reunion was another story. WOO, buddy. I was not ready. It reached such a level of intensity that Andy Cohen felt compelled to put a moratorium on alcohol consumption. “Is there anyway you can just drink water?" he asked. "Because you guys are going to go dark." His efforts were futile, because they managed to take things to an extreme place without the assistance of more sauce.

Here's what we learned from part one:

Lilly is On the Outs

  • One thing that hasn’t changed since the finale: Lilly is not chummy with the rest of the cast.
  • Asa remarked that one of the major differences between Lilly’s birthday party and Mike’s brother’s party was that Mike actually hung out with them, whereas Lilly didn’t spend any time with them at her party.“I think Lilly doesn’t see us as her friends, for whatever reason,” Mike said. Lilly didn’t deny this.
  • Lilly said she’s bummed she isn’t friends with them anymore: “I thought I was formulating real friendships.” Oh, Lilly.
  • Asa said she’s never seen Lilly without her “costume,” and just wanted her to be real. Lilly conceded that she had yet to be real on the show because the show hadn’t given her a chance.
  • Reza said hanging out with Lilly is all about Lilly, not about friendship.
  • Asa said that Lilly doesn’t want to be friends with them, but just wants to be on Shahs of Sunset. EESH. I feel a little bad for Lilly (the group is very tight knit/it would be difficult to not feel like an outsider always), but this remark SLAAAYED me. I couldn’t believe Asa put Lilly on blast like that. I don’t know how Lilly really feels. I don’t know her story. But holy crap, if pacifist Asa calling Lilly out SO harshly didn’t take a few years off my life, my name isn’t Kristie.

MJ & GG Love Each Other

  • They may fight, they may yell, they may tweet aggressively, but MJ and GG are sisters at heart.
  • Throughout the reunion, the two argued about Leila and GG’s ex-boyfriend. MJ even did an impression of GG that brought the house down. However, GG wasn’t into it. “I don’t look that ugly, but that’s okay,” GG said regarding MJ’s imitation. EEENGHHHH.
  • Even so, MJ teared up over GG and Leila's relationship. She caaaares!
  • We found that that they went to Sundance together. AW! They were escorted off of a plane for a GG/MJ fight, but hey! It was all out of love. AWWW!
  • When Andy asked MJ what he loves about GG, MJ said, “The whole thing.” AWWWWWWW!

GG Is Pissed at Her Sister

  • GG said she doesn't respect her sister. Why? According to GG, Leila doesn't put family first. Oh? Something about wanting to the on the show/being close with MJ. I guess GG felt betrayed? I don't know.
  • When Andy announced Leila's surprise reunion appearance, GG wasn’t down. She stormed off set and demanded more booze. (At this point in the show, Andy had cut the cast off.) A producer told her it's for the best that she didn't get too smashed. GG pleaded, but the producer didn't give in. GG returned to her chair, sans booze.
  • Apparently, GG and her sister were fine up until two days before to the reunion. GG was mad because she thought Leila was trying to steal the show from her AND because she stlll palled around with MJ.
  • Leila said she’s not trying to take the show away and remarked that GG’s been jealous of her since childhood. This caused GG to do a spit take. It was one of the best spit takes I’ve ever seen.
  • Andy forced them to say nice things about each other. They obliged. It was… kind of sweet? I guess?

Mike and Reza Are Not Chill

  • Yes, they made amends during the finale. Yes, I thought all was well. I WAS WRONG. During the reunion, Mike and Reza were NOT buddies. Not at all.
  • So, why’d their business partnership fall apart? When Andy asked this, there were A LOT of reactions from the rest of the cast. OOF.
  • Mike said Reza didn’t know how to be a partner. Reza said Mike didn't want to work. MJ echoed this sentiment.
  • Mike said Reza is a backstabber and that his family doesn’t even talk to him anymore.
  • Reza said Mike is broke and that's why he hasn't proposed to Jessica.
  • Mike said Reza was never in the office and used to “bash [him].”
  • Mike and Reza said they don't think their friendship could ever be the same.

Next week:

More fighting between Mike and Reza? Aw, dang.

Image: Bravo