Jon Snow May Fulfill A Big 'GoT' Prophecy

Guys, Jon Snow is really alive. I know that this seemed pretty apparent last week but I was personally waiting to see him lift his bod off that table before I was going to believe it. Now that we can start breathing our sighs of relief, it's time to speculate wildly about what is going on with him, now that he is back. Is he exactly the same Jon Snow that we all know and love, or is he something more? After Melisandre picked her own jaw up off the floor, she went ahead and mentioned that she was wrong about Stannis, and she now thinks Jon Snow is The Prince Who Was Promised on Game of Thrones . So, who exactly is The Prince Who Was Promised? Well, He's the reincarnation of legendary Westerosi warrior, Azor Ahai and if Jon is in fact him, it means a whole lot.

In the books, Azor Ahai was prophesied to return as The Prince Who Was Promised. He would take his flaming sword, Lightbringer, and save the Seven Kingdoms from darkness and the White Walkers. Now, he won't just walk out into the middle of Westeros and start slaying darkness. His arrival is said to be heralded by a bleeding star and he will be born "amidst salt and smoke." So, you will know when he arrives.

On Sunday night, no one was sure what would happen when Jon Snow sat up. I thought he wouldn't remember anything or anyone but he seemed almost completely the same. Back in Season 3 when Melisandre ran into a knight named Beric Dondarrion, we saw that The Lord Of Light and his own Red Priest had brought him back from death not once, but six times. The difference was that each time, he had lost memories and bits of himself. So, why is Jon so lucid? Could it be because he is the reincarnation of Azor Ahai?

Melisandre seems to think that Jon Snow, the newly resurrected, could be The Prince Who Was Promised. Could he possibly be the key to saving the Seven Kingdoms? Could he take the Iron Throne? This is too much to handle. The show needs to give us answers, and soon!

Image: HBO