What Happens Now That Arya Is No One On 'Game Of Thrones'? She's Finally Getting Somewhere In Her Training

Well, it looks like Arya is finally done getting the beans beat out of her by The Waif. Poor Arya has been blind and begging on the streets for some time now, and I was honestly wondering is she was ever going to get her eyes back and become a Faceless Man (or woman? I don't know if they are gender specific over in the Hall Of Faces). Tonight, after a particularly intense Rocky-style training montage with The Waif, Arya finally got her sight back on Game of Thrones. So, what happens now that Arya is no one?

Well, she will be serving The Many-Faced God of death. That seems like it's definitely a promotion from the "snarky sidekick" role she had been playing next to The Hound for the past few seasons. Now that she has properly left her former self behind, she will now be allowed to take on different identities in order to carry out her assassin duties. That Hall Of Faces in The House of Black and White is basically like a giant closet to these Faceless Men. They deliver the "gift" of death to very specific people that are chosen by The Many-Faced God.

So, I have to wonder whether the entire Stark family is in that hall. Are the faces of Arya's mother, brother, and father ready to be worn and used? Are we going to see the fallen Starks again? It seems like it may be possible and it would be extraordinarily trippy. Let's hope her missions involve some revenge for the Starks. That family kind of deserves it.

Images: HBO