Jon Snow Could Head To Winterfell On 'GoT'

Guys, Jon Snow is not just alive, he is alive. He barely had time to allow the blood to circulate through his system when he was already dressed and taking care off business on Sunday's Game Of Thrones episode. Luckily, he did us all a solid and immediately executed Alliser Thorne and that little beast, Olly. Immediately after he cut the rope and watched all of the traitors hang, he took off his Lord Commander cloak and seemingly split from Castle Black. Where is he going? Will Jon Snow go back to Winterfell on Game of Thrones ? We all know who is hanging out there these days, so it could be a major showdown if he does show up.

That's right, Ramsay Bolton has been sliming around Winterfell for a while now, and he is really mad that his bride Sansa has fled from him. He's just killed his father and named himself Lord Bolton, so he's on a seriously angry power trip. Unfortunately, Sansa is on her way to Castle Black with Brienne of Tarth, unaware that Jon had even been murdered and brought back to life. Jon is leaving, while his beloved sister is set to be arriving. Ramsay is definitely not going to treat Jon like an ally if he does end up heading back to Winterfell, and I don't think we can handle seeing out beloved bastard die again. There is also the alliance formed between Ramsay and Harold Karstark that could spell trouble for Jon. Robb Stark beheaded Harold's father, Rickard Karstark, which means that Harold is not going to be psyched to break any bread with a Stark (or Stark bastard) any time soon.

But, if he does go to Winterfell, maybe Jon will take out Ramsay and make all of our dreams come true. If that truly is where Jon is headed, I do hope he gets there before Rickon is in Ramsay's terrifying clutches for too long.

Images: HBO