Seriously, Watch These Skydiving Quidditch Players

We Muggles might not be able to play Quidditch the way it was meant to be played, but we do love to try — though some of us take that love further than others. Even by the standards of Harry Potter fans, this viral video of a skydiving Quidditch game is absolutely wild. Because I may be someone who's read Harry Potter so many times I can recite the whole first page of The Sorcerer's Stone from memory, but not even Harry Potter could get me to jump out of a plane.

The video was created by the Colombian telecommunications company ETB, to advertise a promotion of six months of free YouTube for new customers. But this is one of those times where the ad itself is just so much better than the product could ever be. There is a reason that the video is going viral.

Of course, there are lots of people in the real world. In addition to Quidditch beer pong and Quidditch intramural leagues there is an actual international Quidditch World Cup, and it could even become an Olympic sport. But so far, everyone who's played the game has played it, well, earth-bound. Seeing as how the brooms don't really fly — at least for Muggles.

The movies gave us an idea of what it looks like when the game is played in the air as it's meant to be, of course. But if you want to make it more realistic (or I guess more fantastical), it turns out all you have to do is jump out of a plane with a few brooms, some Quidditch balls, a goal ring, and a handful of friends who are just as obsessed as you are. (And, of course, parachutes for when the ground is getting a little too close after all!)


Quidditch Balls


Quidditch Gear


Goal Ring


Now Play!

Which team will prevail? Find out in the video!

Images: ETB/YouTube