16 Little Things That Make Life Worth Living, According To Reddit

The amount of time we spend on this planet is never enough. How can we appreciate all of the little things that make life worth living in just 90 years* (*that's me being generous and taking into account the advancements of modern medicine)? We get so few years to live this life, and so much to explore and experience — I'm amazed at just how much we tend to take for granted.

I used to be really hard on myself growing up. I would try to control a lot of things about myself to get the best version I could. I never sacrificed my personality or interests, but I would always berate myself for not being into cool clothes and activities that a lot of the popular kids were into. As I grew older, I realized that our personalities, interests and clothes were unique to each of us. Sure, I don't dress like people do in the magazines — but I'm comfortable, and I'm myself. With that realization came the fuzzy feelings that self-acceptance tends to bring out in all of us. I started to notice the little things that made me happy. Like waking up to a fresh pot of coffee, or burying my face in a pillow while it rains outside. Those little moments in life that make you weirdly joyous for completely random reasons.

Tuns out that I am not the only person riding the happiness express — Reddit user Ol_No_Name posed the question: what are those little things that make life worth living? The responses, which keep coming in, feel like you're walking through a meadow comprised of your favorite things in life. Here are little reasons to appreciate your life today, as told by the humans of Reddit:

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Ripe Fruit

Avocados are the most temperamental foods you can have in your kitchen. They will ripen when they want to ripen. So obviously, nothing beats the taste of an already perfectly ripe avocado.


Working is hard. Coming home from work and witnessing a beautiful sunset is not. In fact, it's one of the few things that makes me happy. I used to commute an hour and a half to work and back every day for six months. Seeing the sun setting and casting purple light on everything was the one thing I looked forward to.

Steaming Hot Carbs

You know when steaming hot bread gets served at your dinner table, things are about to get good. Add butter to the equation and it's a winning combo.

Being A Lone Wolf

A lot of the time we hear that children are the greatest gifts in life. But what about those of us who do not have children? Well, you can enjoy that too. Why? Because you can spend money on whatever you want to spend money on AND you aren't responsible for anyone but yourself.

Or Not Being A Lone Wolf

... And sometimes you like having other people around to spend money and time with. Kisses from a significant other when you wake up can be the best thing in the world. As long as it's not with morning breath.

The Toy Of A Generation

Busting out a instructional manual for assembling a children's toy shouldn't be as rewarding as it is. LEGOs are so much fun, they made an adult version called IKEA!

Finding Money in Your Pocket

I found six dollars in my jean jacket one time. It was like a mini Christmas.

Making Money In A Non-Traditional Fashion

OK, this one is so true. When I worked in an office, pooping on the clock was the most satisfying feeling you can get. You're getting paid to poo!


I have a very thoughtful roommate who often makes coffee for me before I wake up. Walking into a kitchen to a hot pot of delicious wake-up juice is perfection.

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Random Gifts

Being appreciated is 100 percent something worth living life for. When people acknowledge your hard work, it makes all those sleepless nights worth it.

Snuggles Galore

I personally hate being cold. I sleep under two comforters. When the room is freezing but your body is cozy AF, you cannot help but smile.

Relaxation Maximization

Don't interrupt my relaxation time. Especially if I'm in a tub — and especially if I'm in a tub with wine.

Laughter With Your Best Friend

Those hearty laughs that you know you will remember for the rest of your life. I caught mine on camera so I can refer back to it any time I want.

That's what you get for dropping something out of a bathroom window.

Getting Away With Things

In college and high school, double spacing a paper felt like you were getting away with a crime. You sit there, typing for a little while, and then all of a sudden you have an entire paper requirement out of the way.

Dogs. Period.

It doesn't matter in what context, when dogs are involved — life is worth living. I love seeing dogs hanging their faces out of car windows are they are being driven around.

Just Being A Very Happy Person

While some only put one of two things in their responses, this user put an entire list together. I have to hand it to them, this list is impressive. Always nice to see someone that well versed in the art of being happy. The one that stood out to me the most was hugs! Hugs are the best. I wish I could have a hug right now.

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