11 Annoying Things We All Do Without Realizing It

by Toria Sheffield

We're all annoying at some time or another — we're human, after all. However, there are definitely things we all do that drive others crazy that are totally and completely within our control. It's just about being mindful and self-aware.

And make no mistake — I'm no perfect angel. There have been times in my life when I've definitely rated high on the annoyingness scale. Times when I complained about something petty non-stop, when I didn't act like myself in an effort to get attention — we've all been there, and I'm no exception. I've even complained about things I find annoying in others, only to realize that I'm often guilty of doing the very same thing (slowly walking down a crowded sidewalk while looking at my phone, to name just one).

But I think it's safe to say that nobody actively wants to be annoying to others, and we generally all hope that we're self-aware enough to tone down our more irritating tendencies. The thing is, it can be incredibly hard to look at ourselves from an outside perspective, meaning that it can often be difficult to pinpoint areas of self-improvement.

If you're afraid you're not completely self-aware when it comes to irritating behavior, here are 11 things almost everyone does that annoy others without us even realizing it.

1. Checking Our Phones During A Conversation

This first one is personal, but I think it's safe to say most of us can agree. Nothing is more inconsiderate than when someone spends the majority of a conversation looking at their phone. It tells me they're not all that interested in what I have to say, or that they'd rather be somewhere else, even when I know that's not their intention. If this is something you know you do, think about making a "phone in pocket" rule with yourself when talking to people in person.

2. Talking Only About Ourself

A compilation piece for Forbes about habits of exceptionally likable people noted that likable people don't just talk about themselves. Be mindful to always ask people about themselves if you realize you've been talking exclusively about yourself for a while.

3. Being Late

The piece in Forbes also noted that likable people are dependable. So if you're constantly late, there's a good chance other people are annoyed by it (and have maybe even complained about it to others). Remember, not being late means you respect other people, because you respect their time!

4. Humblebragging

In a piece for, Travis Bradbury, author of Emotional Intelligence, stressed that fact that no one likes bragging — and they especially don't like humblebragging. If you're proud of something, never be afraid to share it, just be careful how you share it.

5. Oversharing On Social Media

Studies have shown that we tend to find people who overshare photos on Facebook less relatable. Specifically, our relatives tend not to like it when we share a ton of photos with friends, and our friends tend to dislike it when we post a ton of photos with family. The solution? Either post as much as you darn well please and don't worry about it, or post less. And bonus, this means you'll spend more time in the moment and less time on your phone.

6. Oversharing In Person, Too

According to a piece in Business Insider, studies have shown that others are generally put off when we share too much personal information too soon. Sharing a lot of personal details before intimacy has been earned can make others uncomfortable.

7. Penny-Pinching With Friends

I totally understand that there's a time and a place to assert ourselves when it comes to money (like when you only ordered a salad, and your friend who ordered a full course meal and glass of wine wants to "split the bill"), but the opposite is also true. Sometimes splitting the bill down to the penny can be super off-putting — especially if everyone basically ordered the same thing. I'm a big believer in things balancing out — usually if you spend a little more this time, you'll spend a little less another time, and things will even out.

8. Not Penny-Pinching

OK, I know I just said penny-pinching is annoying, but the opposite is also true too: suggesting to split the bill when you ordered the way more expensive option. Being self-aware when it comes to money means no one else has to broach the awkward conversation of how you owe more, or worse, pay more than their share and be quietly resentful.

9. Complaining

In a piece for Psychology Today, psychologist Guy Winch noted that, "The constant negativity issuing forth from chronic complainers presents a huge challenge for those around them. And nothing makes chronic complainers happier than being more miserable than their friends." So be mindful if you've notice yourself complaining a lot lately!

10. Gossiping

We're almost all guilty of gossiping at one time or another (or at least I know I am). However, Bradberry noted that gossiping about others is a surefire way to make you come across as negative. Not to mention, it could be super hurtful if it ever got back to the person the gossip is about. Just be mindful when it comes to talking about others when they're not around. I find a good rule of thumb is to simply ask yourself, "Would I want someone saying this about me when I'm not around?"

11. Being Dramatic

Bradberry also noted that most people are very turned off by a dramatic and emotionally unpredictable friends or coworkers. Blowing up in anger, or crying about something that's not that big a deal can definitely make others want some distance. If you know you have a tendency to have big reactions, consider working on your coping mechanisms when around others.

While we're all annoying some of the time, we can definitely try to make sure we're not annoying a lot of the time by being conscious of a few basic behaviors. And remember, nobody's perfect, so go easy on yourself.

Images: Pexels (12); Isla Murray/Bustle