How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is Cheating

Is it possible to scientifically spot a cheater? In an effort to get down to the bottom of the “Why do people cheat?” question, Jacqueline Howard of HuffPo Science got in touch with two scientists: sexuality researcher Dr. Robin Milhausen and neuroscientist Dr. Giovanni Frazzetto. The latest video in Howard’s “Talk Nerdy to Me” series reveals the somewhat surprising red flags she uncovered.

So how do you spot a cheater?

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1. His voice is deep and mysterious

Heterosexual women apparently dig dudes with deep voices — but only for casual, short-term relationships. A deep voice is indicative of high testosterone, and research has shown that guys with testosterone to spare tend to cheat.

2. She has an awesome career

This? Is extremely unfortunate: The more financially dependent a man is on a woman, the more likely he is to cheat. Come on, guys. What gives? Must you seek validation in your manliness by cheating? Not cool.

3. Erectile dysfunction

No, seriously: If he has trouble getting it up, he’s more likely to seek affairs elsewhere. If he has trouble becoming aroused, it could follow that he would look for riskier, more exciting erotic situations to boost his potential for getting turned on — and a new partner may not know about his problem, so he would be less psyched out. I would argue that there are better ways to work around issues like this, but maybe that’s just me.

4. Absence of religion

Since a lot of religions preach sticking by your partner, religious or spiritual people are less likely to stray. Is it bad that I actually found this kind of surprising? I guess that makes me your friendly neighborhood cynical atheist.

5. Negative personality traits

Moodiness, neuroticism, anxiety… apparently these types of personality traits tend to be associated with infidelity. I assume we’re talking constant moodiness, rather than just the occasional terrible-no-good-awful-very-bad-day kind of moodiness, though, so don’t worry — you’re still allowed to have off days.

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