Ginger Zee Shows Her Sultry Side On 'Dancing With The Stars' & The Judges Love It

Ginger Zee is America’s sweetheart (or at least Good Morning America’s sweetheart), but she’s showing off her sexy side on Dancing With The Stars. This week, Ginger Zee and partner Val Chmerkovskiy were given the Argentinean tango, and boy, did they nail it. Ginger dug deep and showed America a whole new side of her — she was sexy, she was smart, and she got a perfect score from the judges.

Val, in his typical Val way, was a little hard on Ginger during the pre-dance interview. The Argentinean tango is a really precise dance — shoulders back, head up, sexy attitude forward — so it was imperative that they get it right. It was also imperative to get it right because Ginger and Val were at the bottom of the leaderboard a mere two weeks ago, and if they’re making it to the finals, they have to stay on top. Luckily, the pair, clad in black lace dance outfits, caused the whole room to set ablaze. The judges loved every moment of it (even Len), and Ginger and Val got a perfect 30. Val even talked about how he messed up a little — he tripped twice — and Ginger kept on going. Len told Ginger she was “a great dancer,” which is pretty much as nice as Len gets. I hope that Ginger frames this moment in her mind and takes it with her to the finale.

And finale I think they’ll go, truly. Val has taken his partner to the finals numerous times, and if Ginger keeps getting better and better each week, as she has (I disagree with the judges that she wasn’t that great during “Nasty”), she’ll take it to the top. That built-in Good Morning America fan base doesn’t hurt either. Fun fact: my dad has even taken to calling Ginger his “new girlfriend.” I’m sure he votes the six times for her, as will millions of people throughout America.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC