Shelton & Stefani Debut New Single On 'The Voice'

It's the moment you've all been waiting for — well, the moment I've been waiting for, at least. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani finally performed together on The Voice and it was everything. Though "Go Ahead And Break My Heart" isn't my favorite song I've heard either of them perform, their performance was impossible not to watch. The chemistry between them was palpable and the love they have for each other was all over their faces. It was the performance we've all hoped for since the day Shelton and Stefani's relationship was made public and it was even more special that it happened where their relationship began — on The Voice stage.

Both Shelton and Stefani have been very open about their past relationships and why they ended, which is why it's no surprise that the couple is being so open with their relationship with each other. "Go Ahead And Break My Heart" is essentially a love song about their relationship. It was evident as they were singing the lyrics that Shelton and Stefani were singing them to each other, and really meant them. Most duet pairs are forced to act when they sing love songs, but that's not the case for this couple. Everything Shelton and Stefani were singing was real and that's what made the performance even better.

I had my doubts about Shelton and Stefani's relationship at the beginning, but the more I see of them together, the more I love it. They're the power couple no one ever saw coming. This duet could be the start of something truly awesome for the couple. Judging from their performance tonight, this is just the beginning for Shelton and Stefani — and I can't wait to see how they surprise us next.