Who's Derek Talking To On 'Jane The Virgin'? That Phone Call Introduced A New Mystery

Just when you think you know who the criminal mastermind is on a show, Jane the Virgin manages to throw us for yet another loop. You see, up until now we were under the impression that Derek and Mutter were working together as a team, but it turns out that this mother-son duo wasn't as above board as we thought. Because just when Susanna and Michael were ready to bust them for retrieving the remainder of Mutter's crime lord money stored underneath the Fairwick Hotel, they found Mutter tied up and gagged. Cut to Derek partaking in a mysterious phone call, saying, "Don't worry, I left her in the Fairwick and I'm in the air with the money." Who was Derek talking to on Jane the Virgin and what made him decide to double cross his mother? As of now, your guess is as good as mine.

All those times we saw Derek talking on his phone, we assumed (or at least I did) that he was chatting with mommy dearest — an assumption that seemed to get confirmed when we saw Derek and Mutter on that boat together last Monday night. They were definitely working together in order to retrieve the money from the Fairwick, but for some reason Derek decided to pull a fast one on her and take the money for himself... and whoever this other mystery person is.

If I had to wager a guess right now, I'd say he's working with someone we already know. This is a telenovela-centric series, after all, so that would definitely make for a more dramatic twist. My first prediction would be Luisa, who we have suspiciously not heard from for some time. What if she wanted to avenge Rose's death and thought that taking her money would be the best way to do it? I'm not sure how she managed to get Derek onboard. Maybe she offered him a substantial amount of the cut?

Either way, she definitely has a motive to hate Mutter more so than anyone else and it would definitely be the perfect way to ease Luisa back into the storyline. We'll find out soon enough...

Image: Scott Everett White/The CW