Explicit PacSun T-Shirts Upset Utah Mom, So She Buys All Of Them

A Utah mother took matters into her own hands when she couldn't convince PacSun store clerks to take down a window display of provocative T-shirts. When Judy Cox's pleas for the T-shirts to be removed from the storefront went unanswered, Cox bought all 19 of the T-shirts PacSun had in stock. The mammoth purchase set her back almost $600 (and we can't imagine how mortified her 18-year-old son felt.)

Cox came across the PacSun window display while she was strolling with her son through a mall in Orem, one of the more conservative cities in Utah. The T-shirts, from PacSun's "Visual" line, featured images of women in skimpy lingerie.

Cox first complained to the store manager, arguing that the shirts could well be in violation of the city's conservative code that prohibits the display of "explicit sexual material." The manager was apparently sympathetic, but Cox was told her complaint needed to be referred to the corporate level before any action could be taken.

That's when Cox asked the manager to give her the store's entire stock of the provocative t-shirts. All 19 of them.

In an email to the Associated Press, Cox wrote that she took action because she didn't think children and young people should be forced to see the images.

I hope my efforts will inspire others to speak up within their communities. You don't have to purchase $600 worth of T-shirts, but you can express your concerns to businesses and corporations who promote the display of pornography to children... These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed on our children in images on the Internet, television and when our families shop in the mall.

Cox added that she plans to return the shirts to the store, but she's going to sit out most of the generous 60-day returns policy first.

Images: PacSun