Why Ed Sheeran Needs To Come Back To Snapchat

For fans of Ed Sheeran looking to follow him on Snapchat, I come bearing both good news and bad news. I'll start with the good news first: Ed Sheeran is on Snapchat, and, much like his Instagram name, his Snapchat username is a nod to his childhood nickname, Teddy. As for the bad news... well, it seems that he singer has been taking a social media break for five months, which is pretty much an eternity by social media standards, and he might not be returning for several months more.

In December 2015, Sheeran posted a message to his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts saying that he planned on taking a break from his "phone, emails, and all social media for a while" explaining that he found himself "seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes" and planned on using the break to "travel the world and see everything I missed." And sure enough, his accounts, including Snapchat, have been sadly silent during his social media hiatus. He ended his message by telling his fans he'll "see you all next autumn" and thanking them for "being amazing." Aw. But when Sheeran does return to Snapchat (and I have a feeling he will), his username is teddysdaytoday.

Sheeran was a fairly new addition to the app, having joined in September 2015, less than two months before he went on hiatus. He said that his producer, Benny Blanco, set him up with an account, and joked that fans could follow him to see what he eats... which is pretty much the reason I follow most celebrities on Snapchat, quite honestly. His presence on the app so far may have been short lived, but that doesn't mean fans can't get a glimpse of Sheeran on his friends' Snapchat accounts. Yes, it's true: Sheeran frequently makes a cameo in other people's accounts, which will have to hold his fans over until he finally rejoins again. Here are some of his most recent guest appearances, as well as throwback moments from his own account.

The Joys Of Face Swapping

On Blanco's account, Sheeran was recently seen photo bombing a freaky face swap moment.

Then He Got In On The Fun

Who can resist a good 'ol face swap among friends? It's impossible.

Fun With Music Friends

Sheeran shared a silly moment with fellow singer Christina Perri recently.

Attack By Flamingo

He found a "big pink flamingo" in his room, and I have so many questions.

Modeling Shots

Showing off those "smoldering, sexy looks" and no one is complaining, right?

Unfortunately, it seems these throwback moments and cameos will have to hold fans over until Sheeran rejoins social media in the fall, and I, for one, can't wait until he's back.