Fragrance Fountains are the Future of Perfume

It is rumored that Coco Chanel once said "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." This seems a bit of a harsh judgement, but for some women their choice of scent is highly personal, a detail that becomes an integral part of their history. The catch? Replacing a favorite designer perfume gets pricey after a while. That's where Thierry Mugler's new fragrance fountain comes in.

Fragrance fountains, already a hit in France, are making their way to the U.S. The fountains, called The Source, allow customers to bring in empty bottles Mugler perfumes (Angel, Alien, Womanly, or Angel EDT), to be refilled at a discounted price. This is great for the customer, since a new bottle can run you as much as $120 a pop and the refill price is at least $30 cheaper.

It's also great for the environment. Perfume bottles are often mini works of art that are costly to produce and use up time and resources. Mugler's senior marketing vice president told Refinery29:

We made the [Alien and Angel] bottles very precious — they are not disposable, and we never envisioned them that way. We save so much glass [with the Source]. As of today, there's a bottle being refilled every seven minutes worldwide.

The Source has been in development for the past twenty years in Paris and now the best, most convenient version is set to land in the U.S. Mugler is running a four-week long promotion during which they give out refillable bottles of Angel and Alien and allow customers to get them filled for the discounted price without ever having to pay the original price. So if your heart belongs to Theirry Mugler perfume, now is definitely the time to stock up.