The One Thing I Hate About Lorelai Gilmore

If you've ever watched Gilmore Girls, odds are that there was some point in your life that you wished Lorelai Gilmore was your mom. She essentially lets Rory do whatever she wants, and encourages regular teen and college experiences throughout the show's seven seasons. She orders take-out for dinner, listens to you when you need her most, and is a constant stream of snarky jokes and pop culture references. However, when you watch the show more closely, you being to realize that, like any other human being on the planet, Lorelai Gilmore has her flaws. And there's one big flaw that really irks me, no matter how much I still wish Lorelai was my mom.

Lorelai understands the importance of a bond between mother and daughter — except for when it comes to her relationship with her own mother. Now, obviously, not all mothers and daughters get along. When it comes to Lorelai and Emily it's clear that they have completely opposite views on life and society. However, it's Lorelai's clear ignorance to the efforts that Emily Gilmore makes throughout all seven seasons that is uncalled for.

When all Emily wants is dinner with her family once a week — in exchange for paying Rory's tuition I might add — Lorelai still has to make remarks and try to avoid dinner with her as much as she possibly can. And, when Lorelai does meet her parents for dinner, she refuses to fully open up to them, even when they just want to know what's going in their daughter's life. Who could forget the time that Lorelai failed to tell her own mother she was engaged? Or the fact that Lorelai didn't even tell her parents that she was in labor when she went to the hospital to have a Rory as a teenager?

That's not to say that Lorelai doesn't deserve to have her fair share of resentment. Obviously, her upper class parents haven't been the most delicate or understanding when dealing with their daughter getting pregnant as a teenager and rebelling against their societal conformities. Lorelai had to deal with having her personality and lifestyle choices judged for almost her entire life, and that can't be easy.

However, since Lorelai has teenage daughter of her own who seems to have a close relationship with Emily and Richard, is it really fair for Lorelai to consistently express such hatred for her parents and put in little to no effort to make things right? Just because they made her go to a good school growing up and wanted her to go to Yale? I can see how growing up with hypercritical parents like that may be hard, but I would hope that, in her adulthood, Lorelai would be able to show even the slightest bit of appreciation and forgiveness when discussing Rory's grandparents with her.

Then again, if Lorelai wasn't so rebellious and cynical when it came to her parents, would she really still be the Lorelai Gilmore we know and love? Her mean comments about her mother really do play into the overall make-up of what makes her who she is. She's stubborn, sarcastic, and even narcissistic to some extent. However, I don't believe it would completely break her character to genuinely thank her parents for all they do for her.

I've got my fingers crossed for Lorelai to finally come around in her relationship with her mom after all of these years in the Gilmore Girls revival. Even if, sadly, it might be the loss of her father that really puts things into perspective for her.

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