Tom Hiddleston Could Turn Any Disaster Around

Stressful things happen to everyone on a daily basis, and yet there are a select few people out there who possess the power to make even the most disastrous situation seem not so bad. Tom Hiddleston's character on The Night Manager is one of those people. Whether you think of him as Jonathan Pine or Andrew Birch, this guy knows how to use his charm and charisma to smooth out any kind of awkward interaction — like when Corky made a huge drunken spectacle while Roper & Co. were out at a restaurant. It was an embarrassing ordeal, and yet when Hiddleston's character stepped in, all the built up tension seemed to just melt away, proving that those years working in the hotel industry have more than paid off.

So after taking a step back and really analyzing this rare gift of his, it made me wonder about what other kinds of terrible situations Hiddleston could've made us feel better about if he'd only been around to handle things at the time, Olivia Pope-style. How far can his charms and smooth-talking demeanor go? When you're dealing with someone like Hiddleston, I'd say the sky is pretty much the limit. Take for example...

1. Jon Snow's Game Of Thrones Death Scare

Remember how stressed out we all were about this? But something tells me that a few calming words from Hiddleston would've turned all our worried frowns upside down by reminding us that we at least would get to see his shirtless body for episodes on end.

2. One Direction Taking Some Time Off

No one likes the thought of their favorite boy band going on hiatus and potentially never coming back, but I'm sure Hiddleston would've been able to spin it in a way that would've made the prospect sound not so bad. I bet he'd even burst into song for us and completely distract everyone with his amazing vocals.

3. NBC Canceling Hannibal

It felt almost cruel to see such an amazing show cut down in its prime, but if anyone would have a good explanation for why it had to happen, it would be Hiddleston. Maybe he'd even offer to cook for us (minus the human body parts) as a way to help ease our pain. I mean, talk about an appetizing idea!

4. Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne's Rumored Split

Please Tom, make me understand why love is dead?! (Plus, you just know our sorrows would instantly be cured by one of his amazing hugs.)

5. That Up Intro Sequence

Can't ever seem to make it through the first 10 minutes of this movie without balling like a baby? I'm sure Hiddleston would be able to help you forget all of your animated woes and focus on the positive side of this epic love story. He might even agree to give you a nice long massage to help reduce the tension. Just saying!

6. The Fact That Meredith Grey Has The Worst Luck Ever

Seriously, so many bad things have happened to this character, but just imagine if Hiddleston said that he'd be your McDreamy. Kinda makes everything else feel slightly insignificant, doesn't it? Mission accomplished!

Bottom line: when Tom Hiddleston is involved, even the worst possible scenarios don't seem quite as dire. So when in doubt, Hiddleston it out. (Sorry, it's cheesy, but catchy.)

Images: Des Willie/AMC; Giphy (7)