Harry Styles Haircut Photos Have Arrived — PHOTOS

If you're a fan of One Direction, then you're probably also a fan of Harry Styles' hair photos and his long, flowing locks (RIP). After days of speculation, some new short hair photos have been revealed, leaving fans everywhere totally stunned. Styles hinted at the dramatic change last week with an Instagram photo showing a chopped off ponytail. Hint, hint, indeed.

All of our suspicions were confirmed today, as he revealed that he did, in fact, undergo a dramatic haircut. And, as usual, his hair looks just as great as it always does. In the first photo below, you'll see that he's wearing a hat (bummer), but it's still incredibly obvious that his wild, long hair is gone. He looks polished and amazing, if not a little unrecognizable.

Why did Styles go for such a new look? It wasn't quite obvious at first, but it seems our questions have been answered — it's all for his new role in the film Dunkirk. According to Chloe Melas on, "It turns out he cut his hair because they start filming in just a few days on May 14! The IMDB page for Dunkirk has been updated and production is set to begin."

Apparently Styles had to part with his hair, Melas said, as it was necessary for the role.

The film is set to be released in summer 2017, leaving us with plenty of time to soak in the change.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course, I'm sure that most of us are waiting for the moment where the full transformation is revealed (AKA minus the hat), but for now, the look is very exciting. Because, you know, what's better for celebrating a boy band hiatus than a new 'do?