Could 'WoWS' Be Banned From Theatres?

"Based on a true story" are words that, by now, we should all know to take with a grain of salt. In this year's most raunchy Oscar contender, we see Leonardo DiCaprio snorting cocaine from a woman's backside, we see hookers and drunken debauchery at every turn, and a little person flung at a human dart board, all executed by members of an elite pack of Wall Street "wolves". But this supposed "true story," based off of the writings of Jordan Belfort, has brought with it a shot glass — er, keg — full of controversy. The Wolf of Wall Street is being sued for $25 million by one of Belfort's ex-business partners, Andrew Greene.

Greene claims that the film portrayed him as a wig-wearing, drug using, hooker-employing exec at Stratton Oakmont, which is says is partially false. He did wear a wig, for which Belfort dubbed him "wigman" and was an exec at the office, but accounts of hookers and drugs were falsified, he claims. In the film, Greene is portrayed in the form of Nicky "Rugrat" Koskoff, who is taunted mercilessly for his rug.

Unsurprisingly, Greene said he did not give permission to the film to use his likeness, and the portrayal has subsequently damaged his professional career. Not only does he want a sum of $25 million for damages, he would also like the film to be yanked from theatres across the country.


But really. That's what he's asking.

Image: Paramount