'Full House Without Michelle' Is Terrifying

What if your toddler was invisible? That'd probably be all kinds of inconvenient — not to mention messy — but it's certainly an interesting sitcom concept. And so we have "Full House Without Michelle," in which Michelle Tanner is invisible and very possibly a symptom of some sort of Tanner mental health issue and/or a horror film in which an imaginary toddler slaughters an entire San Francisco family.

When I first saw that this video was called "Full House Without Michelle," I assumed it would be, well, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Michelle Tanner edited out of Full House scenes as if her character had never existed. And, well, it's kind of that — she's certainly edited out, but it's more in an "an imaginary friend only this entire family who regularly takes 'shrooms and hallucinates can see" kind of way, or in a "there's definitely some sort of gas leak going on in this house" kind of situation.

Can we talk about the opening credits sequence of this video? Wherein they don't just cut out the bit with Michelle's credit, they instead leave an open, gaping space that's more cryptic than any Full House Halloween episode could ever hope to be? Because it was glorious — and also terrifying.

Witness for yourself:

Image: ABC