The Most Ridiculous Prom Accessories From The '00s

by Julia Musto

I think that even the most ridiculous prom accessories from the early 2000s deserve some recognition. My prom experiences didn't include most of these because I graduated high school later in the 2000s — by 2010 butterfly clips were a mere shadow of a memory and body glitter resources were all but completely depleted with the exception of the dark recesses of eBay.

These days, chokers and hair clips are fashionable again, with a few minor style adjustments, as the '90s come back in style at full speed. However, I'm seriously hoping that early 2000s fashion stays in the past. We don't need light-up heels and rhinestones to rear their ugly heads come prom season once again, do we?

With that in mind, it's important to take a look back in time and remind ourselves of fashion sins from the past. While I am not necessarily encouraging you to wear elbow-length white gloves to your prom, I am suggesting that you remember these moments from your youth fondly. Whether you lived through the era of strapless dresses and twist-in hair rhinestones or not, I think we can all appreciate this trip down early '00s prom memory lane.

1. Tiaras

David Friedman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It was every early '00s teen's dream to be the belle of the ball like Paris Hilton in a princess cut bridal tiara.

2. White Gloves

Women's 21" Long Satin White Gloves, $3, eBay

You don't have to be Cinderella to wear these gloves, but it doesn't help that they make you look like a princess.

3. Rhinestones

Flat-Backed Brilliant 14-Cut Rhinestones, $4, Amazon

Anyone who wore a rhinestone-studded prom dress knows you'll still be finding them everywhere for years after the fact.

4. Sparkle Body Spray

Puttin' On The Glitz Body Glitter Spray, $8, Discount Dance Supply

It wasn't a school dance before the year 2010 if it didn't feature clouds of (probably scented) body glitter spray.

5. Hair Twists

Rhinestone Flower Hair Twists, $8, eBay

The finishing touch to every flawless up 'do.

6. Invisible Necklaces

Crystal Floating Necklace, $15, Etsy

This crystal floating necklace was sure to match to your wildly rhinestone studded dress.

7. Glitter In Weird Shapes

In Your Dreams Glitter, $12, Nasty Gal

You could wear them in your hair, on your body, in the corner of your eye. The possibilities were endless.

8. Flip Phones

You know that you miss your flip phone a little bit, right? It made the perfect accessory for any outfit.

9. Fabric Flowers

4 Mini Buds Deep Pink, $5, Etsy

These beautiful millinery creations would look gorgeous in any prom up 'do.

10. Shutter Shades

Oriental Trading Shutter Shading Glasses (12-Pack), $5, Amazon

Grab one or twelve for your entire prom limo!

11. Light Up Heels

Kiss-208it, 6" Stiletto Heel Sandal, $32, Jet

They may look a bit intense, but shoes that lights up were all the rage. Every girl wanted one of these once upon a time.

Images: Courtesy Brands