Kate Mara Talks 'House of Cards' Shocker: We Turn Her Last Thoughts Into a Meme

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No Duh Alert: If you haven't watched the premiere of season two of House of Cards just click backwards right now. SUPER SPOILERS lay ahead. Do it. Do it!

So, OK. Everyone here's seen at least the premiere of the second season of House of Cards, right? Good. Because holy shocks and shocking shockers. Everything about the Netflix series was sort of jarring this year, wasn't it? Zoe Barnes is dead! And not just regular-type dead, pushed-in-front-of-a-moving-train dead. Which: woof — cold, Underwood. Cold.as.ice. None of which was all that surprising to her real life counterpart Kate Mara, though, who knew her fate the second she signed on to the show.

"I’ve known about it from the beginning, from before I was ever officially given the role of Zoe," explained Mara in a recent interview. "In my very first meeting with [David] Fincher, he basically said, 'I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, I want you to play Zoe. The bad news is, you're not going to last throughout the whole series.' So I've just been sort of keeping it a secret this whole time."

More shocking, still, was how while shooting the scene (complete with extras) in an actual Metro stop in Baltimore, the cast and crew still managed to keep said extras oblivious to the doings. "We were shooting in a real subway in Baltimore ... Because we had a lot of extras and stuff, we had to sort of be really sneaky about the whole thing. ... They had some people screaming at one point, but I think they told the extras at that point that like, a dog or something was thrown in front of the train. They didn't give them specifics at all."

As much as we agree with Mara's belief that developing a conscious (or some sort of morality) is ultimately what got Barnes killed, we still didn't agree with one part of her interview — mainly the assertion that her on-screen counterpart had no last thoughts going into her fateful death. When asked what those thoughts might be, Mara explained: "Oh, nothing. There wasn’t even time for her to scream. It’s completely out of the blue. If you’re crossing the street, you see no cars are coming, and then you get hit by a car, you don’t have time to – it just happens. It’s like, over. Unfortunately, I had no last thoughts. [laughs]"

But we tend to disagree with Mara: Barnes was a smart cookie, and likely had a lot on her mind leading up to her fate-sealing venture into the depths of the DC Metro system. Which is why we thought it was best to share with you, fair Internet, the sort of things we imagine were running through her head as she was so unceremoniously pushed by Francis "The Worst" Underwood.

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