Justin Timberlake Is Under The NYC Weather

We thought it was impossible for Justin Timberlake (heir to the the throne of pop, hauntingly beautiful, cute as a button, hilariously witty, we'll stop) to ever disappoint anyone, ever. If we aren't including his and BSpears's matching denim outfit monstrosity. Anyway, it turns out — we were wrong. So, so very wrong. Timberlake took to Twitter tonight (cutting it pretty close to show time) to let the would-be audience know that the show will not go on. You heard it correctly, Timberlake has begrudgingly canceled his 20/20 Experience Tour's New York debut at Madison Square Garden.

Why would he do such a cruel, malevolent, horrible thing?! Well, it turns out he kind of has a valid excuse (we guess). Timberlake has cited poor health as his reason for stopping the show. To be fair, the show isn't exactly canceled. He has postponed tonight's concert to Friday, so the audience doesn't have to weep too much, though we understand completely if they did. As far as canceling shows go, leave it to Timberlake to do it in a sympathetic and apologetic way. Twitter has become a means for celebrities to speak to their fans (sort of) directly and in that way it makes disappointments like this easier to swallow. We hope you get better soon, JT.