'The Vampire Diaries' Ended On A Major Cliffhanger

I should have known that The Vampire Diaries Season 7 finale was going to leave us on a major cliffhanger, but those last three minutes just totally blew me away... and of course left me with a ton of questions. For starters, what happened to Damon and Enzo? Are they possessed? Is that thing from the vault using some sort of mind control? Also, what exactly was that thing? Because that skeletal hand gave me a real Tales From the Crypt-vibe. We knew that this mystery creature had a nasty habit of turning people into full-on psychopaths, but considering it also seems to have an actual form, I'm very curious to how it's doing all of this and what its endgame might be.

As soon as Damon texted Stefan telling him he was on his way out of the vault and to "have bourbon ready," I knew something was going to happen to make this happy moment fleeting. Damon had finally done the right and selfless thing by going into that vault without Stefan, so it figures he would shortly become inhabited or controlled by a murderous, evil villain. (Those Salvatore boys may be good looking, but man do they have the worst luck ever.) And unfortunately, Enzo's little rescue mission completely backfired and inadvertently became a member of this new evil regime. (So much for Bonnie and Enzo's happy ending.)

Obviously, this will be the new Big Bad our Mystic Falls gang will be facing off against in Season 8 — potentially the show's final season. But how to do you fight something that's able to control you the minute you lay eyes on it? Is it even possible for Damon and Enzo to snap out of whatever it is this thing has done to them? Will this be the season where one of the Salvatore brothers meets his maker by the other's hand? We'll have to wait until the fall to find out, but based on what I've just seen, this could potentially be TVD's most action-packed/heartbreaking season yet.

Images: Tina Rowden/The CW