7 Unconventional Maid Of Honor Speech Ideas

When you're asked to take on the coveted role of maid of honor at your best friend's wedding, a lot of things run through your mind. If you, like me, feel that your speech-giving style is slightly south of normal, and you're concerned about how you will honor the couple with a few touching words without putting your foot in your mouth or getting booed off that little makeshift stage, then you'll love these unconventional maid of honor speech ideas.

Though a host of serious considerations take up residence in your brain over this weighty responsibility, one of the most pressing questions is definitely, "What the heck am I going to say during that champagne toast?" Others include, "Am I completely in charge of the bachelorette party?" and "Is it really my duty to make sure all the other bridesmaids get along?" All relevant inquiries, mind you, but there is a time and a place to discover those answers; right now, we've got to focus on how you're going to address a crowd of friends and family members — maybe some of both who aren't too happy with the nuptials, maybe some of both who have more than massacred their share of the open bar. Your duty is to entertain all of them... and it is a serious duty.

Ready to start planning your maid of honor speech? Check out some of these out-of-the-box speech ideas, then practice elegantly ringing — but not shattering — the crystalware with your fork.

1. Perform A Full Routine

Whether it's a choreographed interpretive dance, a memorized poem, or an Eminem-style rap battle, everyone appreciates when you commit to the bit. Especially if it's unexpected. On top of that, your chances of screwing up and losing track of what you're saying decrease sharply when you've logged numerous hours of rehearsal time. Mo' practice, mo' betta.

2. The Funny Slideshow

Why only tell a funny story about your lovely friend when you have the photographic evidence to prove it? This is a great idea if you've known the bride for many years. Surely you can dig up plenty of awkward teen photos to show everyone just who your friend was as she was on her way to becoming her partner's dream girl. It will be sweet and funny, and everyone loves a visual!

3. Tell A Sincere Story

If you want a real tearjerker moment, strip down all the great times you've had with your bestie to just one insanely memorable event that meant a lot to both of you. Assuming it's tame enough to tell at a wedding, use this single story to exemplify all that she means to you, and all that your friendship means to both of you. Can't go wrong with simplicity and sincerity.

4. Host An Interactive Q & A

Speeches come at a weird twilight zone time in the evening; they're after the excitement of the entrances and before the dancers hit the floor. In that interim, you're going to need to give a few words that really pick up the energy and keep guests engaged. A great way to do this is to ask for audience participation. "How many of you remember when Suzy and Vince went on their first date?" "Who here guessed they would be married within the year?" Guaranteed, you can sneak some silly ones in there for laughs. And everyone loves to laugh at a wedding.

5. Employ A Few Props

Using visual aids is always entertaining to the audience. Whether you're reading a children's book or showing a pie chart in the boardroom, it helps to tell the story, and people crave visuals. Using props during your speech could help you create a hilarious, memorable moment, or a really beautiful one. Could you imagine whipping out some giant cue cards a la Love Actually? I know I'd be bawling long before "...and my wasted heart will love you..." but that might just be a personal problem.

6. Include Comments From Beloved Friends And Family

Don't just make the speech about your feelings. Include some good tidings from friends and family members. Bonus points if you can pre-interview them and record it to show during your speech, or maybe grab best wishes from loved ones who couldn't make it to the wedding and give them the opportunity to say something they otherwise couldn't during the big event. This will require legwork in advance of the day, but with great power comes great responsibility, right?

7. Frame Your Speech Around Dates And Places That Are Significant To The Couple

This girl used numbers to tell a great story of the past, present, and future that she envisions for the bride and groom, and got a standing ovation in the process. If you are having a difficult time coming up with a narrative, stick to the hard data and try to find commonalities in numbers, dates, places, or even years in their lives that can tell the story for you. In this scenario, a little imagination goes a long, and very sentimental, way.

However you decide to oratorically celebrate your friend's union, just keep it short and sweet. No one is going to complain that they didn't have to listen to a long and inside joke-laden ode to a friendship that isn't theirs, and the sooner you're done, the sooner you can get back to being the hostess with the mostest.

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