'Veronica Mars' Fans Will Love Kristen's New Show

Marshamallows, have you ever wondered what would happen if Veronica Mars went to heaven? Then you are going to love Kristen Bell's new series The Good Place . The show stars Bell as Eleanor Shellstrop, a woman, when she dies, is mistaken for a saintly lawyer who helped save the lives of death row inmates, and is sent to "the good place" instead of "the bad place." The setup sounds crazy, but one look at the trailer, and you are going to fall hard for Bell's snarky commentary on the afterlife's clerical error.

Honestly, it is as if Veronica died, went to heaven, and realized it was all one, big cosmic mistake. Instead of freaking out, Eleanor decides to be a person who actually could have made it into the good place on her own merits. If you think that sounds schmaltzy, then allow me to assure you because this show doesn't just have the phenomenal Bell on its side, it is also created by Mike Schur, the man who gave the world Parks & Recreation and Brooklyn Nine Nine . Basically, this comedy has everything working in its favor, including a plum Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m. timeslot (starting this fall). Check out the trailer and prepare to be charmed.

This show is the comedic heir apparent to Veronica Mars . While there don't appear to be any crimes to solve, The Good Place is still the show Veronica Mars fans have been waiting for. Allow me to explain.

It Lets Bell Shine

Bell is full of sharp wit and well-timed one liners. Eleanor may not have been a great person in the moral sense, but she was clearly hilarious. Even better, the trailer hints at a show willing to go deeper. Eleanor wants to be a better person, but she is also unafraid to point out the flaws in a system that sorts people into "good" and "bad" categories. Bell is at her best when she is given characters with multiple layers, and Eleanor definitely fits that bill.

There's A Quippy BFF

Without Wallace and Mac, Veronica would have been lost. The same goes for Eleanor, who meets her soulmate in the good place and finds a pal who will stand by her even after she confesses she is not supposed to be there. These two buddies are going to make an amazing team.

Bell's Character Is Challenging The System

Veronica was all about weeding out corruption and defying expectations, and Eleanor does not present herself as a character who will blindly accept the status quo. She is going to majorly disrupt the order of the good place, and that is excellent news. There's nothing better than a character with a rebellious streak who challenges accepted norms.

And She'll Also Do Some Good

If your favorite thing about Veronica Mars was Veronica's quest to help people, then The Good Place has your back. The premise is Eleanor wants to stay in the good place, so she is going to try to be a person who helps and cares about others, while also making you laugh.

The Good Life is the perfect show for Bell. It plays to her strengths, it has Schur as an executive producer, and it has all of the charm and humor you could want in a comedy. Veronica Mars fans, it is time to blockout Thursdays on your schedules this fall, because you need this show in your life.

Images: Justin Lubin/NBC (4)