13 Sandals We Wore In The '90s That We Still Love

When I was little, I had a pair of jelly sandals that I wore every single day. I would cry if I was forced to wear anything else. Though there were some seriously cool sandals in the '90s, jellies took the ultimate cake. Mine were pink and had a pair of mini plastic sunglasses and a smily face attached to them. I lived in fear that they'd melt if they touched the pavement, but alas: Jelly sandals practically became part of my identity.

When I grew out of them, I demanded a new pair, which were silver with a thick, thong-style strap. These didn't live up to the original, but I won't get bitter about it. I mean, we all loved '90s styles, especially the amazing denim from the era, but nothing hit home quite like jelly accessories. I'm talking shoes, backpacks, bracelets, hair bobbles: You name it.

Even now, as a fully-fledged adult (kind of), I'm still on the hunt for a pair of jelly shoes that are work-appropriate. And now that '90s fashion is in full force (unless you live under a rock, you likely know that flannels, crop tops, and platforms are reigning supreme right now), I'm going to cop me some '90s-inspired sandals for summer to let me relive the glory days. I may not have had a cell phone, my own apartment, or job, but I had my jelly shoes. Here are 11 '90s sandals we couldn't have lived without back then.

1. The Classic Jelly

Diva Lounge Gia Women's Jelly Sandals, $13, Tillys

Seriously, I'm feeling all the feels right now.

2. These Stretchy Beauties

Steve Madden Slides, $54, Etsy

These with a pair of flared jeans were everything.

3. Platform Sandals

Material Girl Wave Flatform Wedge Sandals, $41, Macy's

You know you love these. Baby Spice definitely would've.

4. Square Toe

Black Leather '90s Sandal, $32, Etsy

Literally anything square toe killed.

5. Tevas

Teva Original Universal Sandal, $50, Zappos

How '90s is this whole look?

6. Anything Esprit

Vintage '90s Esprit Flats, $24, Etsy

These with some glittery socks would've slayed.

7. Birkenstocks

Birkenstock Arizona Black Birko Flor Narrow Fit Flat Sandals, $100, Zappos

Bonus: They're super comfy.

8. Sky-High Platforms

Chunky Blue Denim Platform Shoes, $44, Etsy

These are denim. You can't get more '90s than that.

9. Anything Metallic

Charles David "Bella" Platform Sandal, $105, Nordstrom

With a ribbed sole, too? Nailed it.

10. Jelly Flats

JuJu Christabel Cut Out Jelly Flat Shoes, $16, ASOS

You need the jelly sandals and flats.

11. Platform Flip Flops

Rocket Dog Bigtop, $30, Zappos

Are you feeling what I'm feeling?

12. Anything With Thin Straps

Chunky Heel Platform Lace Up, $37, Etsy

The wrap-up straps? Come on.

13. Clogs

Dansko 'Marta' Ankle Strap Clog, $135, Nordstrom

With a floral midi skirt, these clogs scream '90s.

Cue "Bittersweet Symphony" right now. If these don't have you feeling like the '90s, I don't know what will. Fashion is cyclical, and in this case, I'm totally into it. So bask in nostalgia all season long.