Congrats To Mr. And Mrs. Mom Jeans!

More celebrity babies! It never ends! But I guess that's because they're regular people who want to have babies so that's totally cool and it shouldn't be surprising. Anyway... Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips welcomed a baby girl on Feb. 14. Hooray! Some publications are referring to this as a "surprise" birth because on Feb. 20 it's been six whole days since the child was born and how dare they not tell us until now? But I say, it's a normal birth and we found out when we did because we don't know them and it's not our child. But, ya know, different strokes for different folks.

Masterson and Phillips named their first daughter Fianna Francis Masterson. Both parents posted pictures with their new baby to Instagram. In Masterson's, he and Fianna are taking a nap together and the picture is captioned, "Hello friends.Beyond thrilled to announce The birth of our daughter Fianna Francis Masterson! Mom and baby are doing amazing. You can all refer to me as dj dadpants from now on... Wifey @bijouphillips will post a pic on her insta too. Cheers!" Masterson, who works as DJ as well as an actor, is referring to his current (and amazing!) stage name, DJ Mom Jeans.

Phillips wrote of her picture, which shows her with a big smile while holding her baby, "Fianna Francis Masterson, 2/14/14 8LBS, 5OZ, 21in, she is a perfect valentine!!!"

Congrats to the happy parents on their definitely-not-a-surprise baby!

Images: Danny Masterson/Instagram; Bijou Phillips/Instagram