Will Sansa Kill Littlefinger On 'Game Of Thrones?'

Well, tonight we finally got a glimpse of Pertyr Baelish for the first time this season. Don't worry, he is still hanging out with that creepy kid Robyn in The Vale and he is still being a shady little man. Since last season, fans have been speculating about his true motives and whether Littlefinger really cared about Sansa and her well-being. When he handed her over to marry the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, I pretty much gave up any hope that he had even a drop of good-guy blood in his veins. It appears from the peek at next Sunday's episode that I am not alone. Sansa questions him directly about whether he knew what Ramsay was when he arranged her marriage to him. It it turns out that he knew all along, will Sansa end up killing Littlefinger on Game of Thrones?

Honestly, if he really did know that Ramsay was the serial torturer/rapist/murderer that we all know him to be, then Littlefinger deserves to have a sword driven through his face, and Sansa deserves to be on the giving end of it. With her new confident and the savage attitude that we got a glimpse of Sunday, I think she will do it if it came to that. Sansa has been broken but she has risen stronger than before. She isn't going to let people hurt her any more, and Littlefinger will be the cause of some of her greatest pain if he knowingly betrayed her.

Let's hope Littlefinger has some shred of humanity in his creepy little body and proves me wrong. I want to believe he is on Sansa's side because of his loyalty to her mother, but I simply don't trust him. He has his eye on power and he seems like he will do just about anything to get it.

Images: HBO