Josh Murray Is Back On Reality TV

After his very public breakup from Andi Dorfman, Bachelorette winner Josh Murray stayed under the radar for quite a while, living life quietly in Atlanta. Now, he’s officially back, and starring on E!’s new reality show, Famously Single . The show, which airs on June 14, brings together other random celebrities known for being unattached and puts them in one house together while they all see a therapist. Yeah, lots of drama will ensue I imagine, and probably a few hook-ups. It’s kind of hard to believe that Josh Murray is still single considering most women would love to be with him, but it turns out he is indeed on the market — and even better — he’s ready to find the one again after his split from Andi.

Let’s journey back in case you forgot what went down between Andi and Josh. After Juan Pablo turned out to be a total jerk, Andi got the chance to come back and meet 25 men on The Bachelorette. She and Josh Murray immediately had a connection and at the very end of the series, she said good-bye to Nick Viall and got engaged to Josh. Five months after the engagement the couple broke up and Andi was not shy about her side of the story. “I know this is honestly the biggest failure of my life so far,” she said at the time, according to Us Weekly. Now she’s published a huge tell-all book, but Josh still seems to be keeping quiet on his end.

“You're going to have to watch the show to find out, but just know that I’m a gentleman,” he tells Bustle about whether or not his side of the story would be talked about on Famously Single. “I don’t really kiss and tell.”

Josh says he chose to go on the show because he thought it could help him learn more about himself and how to put himself out there so he can start looking for the right person, even if it means putting everything out there on TV.

“I'm really at that point in my life where I’ll do whatever it takes to find my life partner,” he says. “I need to live life and do those kinds of things because in daily life when I didn’t do this, I'm very busy all the time … and it’s tough to really meet women.”

I had to ask where he meets potential dates because that’s the real problem with dating in today’s world. “On television of course!” he jokes, adding, “I meet people all the time, but meeting the right one, it's very tough to find her … The recent ones have been mutual friends of other friends, but nobody that I've wanted to pursue a relationship with.”

So, what is Josh looking for in a woman? In case you’re interested and think you might be right for the bachelor, here's what he's into: "I’m always very attracted to a nice, strong woman that has her independent ways," he says. "I like a person that's caring, loving and is family-oriented. [Someone] that’s just nice to people and likes adventures.

At the end of our chat, he said if I knew anyone interested to send them his way. Get in line, ladies.

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