8 Ways To Do Hair Before Bed, So You Can Sleep In

by Elena Hart

Ahh, sleeping in. It's synonymous with slower mornings, or for people who can just roll out of bed and go — pure fantasy. But what if I told you that there are ways to do your hair before bed so you can sleep in? They're simple ways to wake up with great hair every morning, so you can focus on getting some Z's and then getting out the door, with little-to-no styling in between.

For the days when you want to rock natural-looking beach waves, but you also want to set your alarm later than usual, you don't have the choose one or the other. You can simply spray on a texturizing sea salt spray after showering in order to sleep on your slightly damp hair — just section it into soft braids before hitting the pillow. When you wake up (feeling amazing from your full eight, of course), you'll be able to take out your elastics and tousle your gorgeous waves.

When you want hair that has a gorgeous glossy shine and great body, you'll only need to apply a shine serum to your hair before twisting it into a loose topknot and fastening it to the top of your head with pins. Read on to see the before-bed hair tips that will have you redefining beauty sleep.

Mist Texturizing Dead Sea Salt & Peppermint Spray For Next-Day Waves

KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Hair Spray, $15, Amazon

Misting this salt spray over damp hair and then sectioning it into loose braids at night will give you effortlessly cool waves by morning. This non-sticky texturizing spray is your best bet because it's infused with salt from the Dead Sea and will give you natural-looking beach waves that rival any surfer's style. Plus, it contains grape and peppermint to maintain texture as you sleep and lock in your wavy style during the day.

For High-Gloss Shine, Cleanse With Smoothing Keratin-Infused Shampoo At Night

Ion Keratin Smoothing Shampoo, $18, Amazon

By washing your hair with the right keratin-infused shampoo, you'll prevent frizz from sabotaging your style the next day, in addition to restoring the natural protein back into your hair — all of which will smooth it out and make it way more hydrated. This simple step will make your hair much softer and shinier once you wake up.

Add Replenishing Blackberry & Coconut Milk Serum To Your Topknot Before Bed

Giovanni 2chic Ultra Repair Super Potion Hair Oil Serum, Blackberry, and Coconut Milk, $9, Amazon

Waking up to hair that's shiny and sleek with zero work sounds amazing, right? Simply apply the nourishing shine serum to your hair at night, and then follow up by wrapping it into a loose topknot and securing it with pins. This repairing serum has essential vitamins, blackberry (a great antioxidant for hair health), and coconut milk that contains vitamin B6 to make hair shiny and vibrant. One user recommends using two pumps of this serum for normal, shoulder-length hair.

Sleep On Silky Satin Pillowcase To Cut Down On Frizz-Taming Time Tomorrow

Spasilk Hair Beauty Pillowcase, Standard/Queen, $9, Amazon

When you sleep on these soft, silky satin pillowcases instead of scratchy materials, you'll wake up with smoother and healthier hair because your strands will glide smoothly over the fabric as you sleep. This eliminates stress and tension that results in damage, breakage, and unwanted frizz. This is an important step if you want to wake up with an effortless style that's soft and shiny, even when you're wearing your hair up overnight. One user gave these comfortable pillows top ratings for never damaging or irritating her hair, in addition to giving her "less frizzies."

For Tons of Texture, Work Detangler Through Hair & Braid It Before Bed

Marrakesh Marrakesh X Dreamsicle Leave-In Treatment and Detangler, $11, Amazon

Megan McIntyre, beauty director at Refinery29, uses this nighttime hair styling hack to get her bended, textured lob hairstyle. To wake up with a cool, crimped hairstyle, she first works through her hair with a "sweet-smelling conditioning spray." Try this dreamsicle-scented one with argan and hemp oil to moisturize hair, while removing any pesky knots. "I braid each section [of hair], starting a few inches down from the root...I'll leave about an inch of hair out of the braid at the end when I secure with an elastic, and I pull each braid apart a little bit to loosen it up," McIntyre said.

...And Touch It Up The Next Day With Absorbent Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo, $8, Amazon

To keep her bended style looking soft instead of crunchy, McIntyre gives her hair a quick spritz of dry shampoo after she takes her tiny braids out in the morning. This super absorbent dry shampoo gives your hair a matte finish after it wipes away excess dirt and oils from your scalp, giving your hair natural, piece-y texture with no residue.

For Sleep-To-Office Style, Mist With Rosemary Extract Formula Before Bed To Secure Natural-Looking Style

Finishing Spray Natural Hold by Biosilk for Unisex, $9, Amazon

Be honest — there are certain mornings when you wish you could wake up and leave the house in the same hair you slept in. When you lightly mist your fishtail braid with this brushable hold finishing spray before bed, you definitely can! (Not sure how to create the braid? Check out Brit + Co's easy tutorial). The rosemary and thyme extract formula is fast-drying, environmentally friendly, and adds a luminous shine. Plus, reviewers are saying its complete lack of scent makes it a welcome replacement for more lingering hairspray formulas.

Then, Quickly Spritz Bamboo Extract Mist In The AM To Create A Glossy Finish

Alterna Bamboo Shine Luminous Shine Mist for Unisex, $15, Amazon

This shine mist is a great way to polish up last night's style in the morning, in addition to creating an instant mirror-like shine before you head out. The mist contains bamboo extract, antioxidants, and indian gooseberry, which protects and nourishes your hair. If any fly-aways or frizz creeped into your look overnight, this mist will wipe it away for a stress-free style that lasts all day.

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