This Is What It's Like To Be A Couple With Trust Issues — VIDEO

Love and trust are central to most sustainable relationships. But what happens when you feel deeply about your partner but don't quite believe they're doing right by you? A new BuzzFeed video on trust issues follows a fictional couple as they navigate this complex problem.

Of the many relationship tensions that can turn your days and nights into a living hell, trust issues are up there. While the person with limited trust feels constantly paranoid and panicked that their partner is lying, cheating, or being all around scummy, the person on the receiving end of the accusations feels hurt by the presumption of dishonesty being thrown their way. So what's the answer? If I knew, I would have solved one of life's greatest relationship riddles, but there is some fascinating science behind trust, which might provide some clues.

A key component of trust is the chemical oxytocin, which regulates social interactions and helps to lower defense mechanisms. One study analyzed re-building trust after betrayal using computer risk games, and found that a nasal spray of oxytocin helped participants more readily trust again even if they had been burned. So....can we all get a little oxytocin to carry around for when the time is right to save money on self-help books and therapy?

Watch how this couple deals with their own trust issues:

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