Olivia Wilde Has Choice Words About The Status Of Women In Hollywood

I knew I liked Olivia Wilde. If you didn't know you liked Olivia Wilde, but have an investment in female representation in Hollywood/the wider media, it's probably in your best interest to watch this video of Olivia Wilde taking on sexism in Hollywood. Because if you didn't know what an eloquent, intelligent, on-point woman Wilde is, you will after this video.

Her points come via a panel she was on recently at UCLA Law School called, appropriately, The State Of Female Justice: Los Angeles. She sat on the panel with a whole host of impressive fellow activists, and the discussion focused around "why women experience economic, racial, and cultural violence; and [...] what might real justice look like for women in America?" You can watch the full panel below, as well as a clip of Wilde's most noteworthy bit, but here's a segment in which she really nails some of the problems consistently present in Hollywood (emphasis ours):

She also told a very telling story about that time she took part in a gender-swapped reading of American Pie at the LACMA:

The video:

The Laura Flanders Show on YouTube

The full panel:

Told you you like Olivia Wilde.