20 Funny Graduation Gifts For All Kinds Of Grads

by Dacy Knight

No new grad can argue with a cute card and some cash, but leave it to aunts, uncles, and grandparents to fall back on those go-to graduation offerings. Among the sea of motivational quotes, personalized paraphernalia, and academia-themed keepsakes, add some originality — and a touch of much-appreciated humor — with funny 2016 graduation gifts that will break the seriousness with a little laughter.

Whether you're celebrating someone's graduation from high school, college, or beyond, commend their accomplishments and send them onto the next phase of their life with a playful present that is sure to put a smile on their face (while poking fun to the right degree). This roundup of 20 gift ideas features good-humored selections for diploma-holding individuals of all walks of life. From future doctors to badass businessmen and women, to general geniuses, there's something on this list for everybody. For those not entirely sure what their next step is (but have a piece of paper to prove they've put in their time), there are plenty of options for the funemployed, or those simply scared to finally start "adulting." So put those crisp twenties back in your wallet, and instead order one of these funny gifts to send your favorite grad out into the world with a laugh.

1. For the high school grad

College Survival Kit, $30, Paper Source

Give them everything they could ever need to survive freshman year with 12 emergency essentials (including deodorant, USB, and bottle opener), and help them face any dorm disasters they come across in college.

2. For the college grad who needs a little help taking on the real world

Adulting Coffee Cup, $14, Etsy

You know what they're in for, so give them just the thing to help them through each day.

3. For that special go-getting girl

Ryan Gosling Necklace, $24, Etsy

Hey girl, you have a lot to celebrate.

4. For those avoiding the question: "What are you going to do now?"

The Graduate T-Shirt, $22, Zazzle

It's still OK to think the right answer is, "I was going to go upstairs for a minute."

5. For the one forever done with tests

Now that they're done with study sessions and pulling all-nighters, reward them with a whole book of tests complete with 250 true life responses that are hilariously incorrect but still score an A+.

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6. For the one not even close to being done with student loans

Game Of Loans Tassel Topper, $15, Etsy

A Lannister always pays his debts.

7. For the smart talking bachelor of science

College Graduation Trucker Hat, $20, Zazzle

Bring back the trucker hat to celebrate a degree to back up the B.S.

8. For your favorite future doctor

Medical Student Hip Flask, $27, Zazzle

A flask that fits right in the pocket of those scrubs.

9. For your BA MBA

MBA Travel Mug, $20, Cafe Press

In case there was any question about what a business degree really means.

10. For the friend you hope will one day help you with all your legal matters

Law Student iPhone Case, $36, Zazzle

Call my lawyer.

11. For the one who just went from undergrad to unemployed

Star Wars Yoda Shirt, $17, Etsy

Yoda's wisdom will keep you from the dark side of job hunting.

12. For the professional job interviewee

Funemployed Card Game, $25, Uncommon Goods

Help your job-seeking friend brush up for their next interview with this cheeky card game that takes a satirical approach to the application process.

13. For the dangerously overeducated

Dangerously Overeducated Mug, $16, Amazon

If you know someone double-fisting degrees, this mug will serve up a hot cup of joe while also serving as a fair warning to the world.

14. For the smarty pants with a desk job

Fing Genius Sticky Notes, $3, Paper Source

Laud your favorite graduate's intellectual aptitude with these little sticky notes for all their genius ideas.

15. For serious grads doing serious things

Serious Notebook, $15, Dot & Bo

Because if they're going to be writing in public, the public should know they're writing super-serious things.

16. For those not quite ready for the real world

Who Let Me Adult Shirt, $17, Etsy

Sometimes it's easier to shift the blame.

17. For the one who's finally all grown up

Grown Ass Woman Ring, $13, Etsy

Put a ring on it and tell the world who's officially grown up and ready to take over.

18. For the one who really took higher education to the next level (and needs a drink)

PhDid It! Drinking Glass, $18, Amazon

Pour a cold one for your favorite PhD because they deserve (and need) it more than anyone.

19. For the ones who have some big decisions ahead of them

Decision Paperweight, $20, Amazon

Ease the burden of having to make big decisions with this attractive device that makes them for you while also doubling as a paperweight.

20. For those who are just so over it

Bye Felicia Tank Top, $22, Etsy

This breezy tank makes it that much easier to just grab that diploma and go.

Images: Etsy (7), Paper Source (2), Zazzle (4), Uncommon Goods (3), Cafe Press (3), Dot & Bo