'Thelma & Louise' Is All About Girl Power

There are some movies that everyone is supposed to see — the classics, the ones that made an impact on the world. Unfortunately, I'm more of a TV gal, so I’ve missed out on some really formative movie experiences. For instance, up until now, I had never seen Thelma and Louise , Callie Khouri’s (who also created and wrote the recently departed Nashville) ode to female friendship and sticking it to the man. Oh, and bandanas jauntily tied around your neck. There are plenty of those in the movie, too.

The gist of Thelma and Louise is this — Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon) are best friends aching to get away from their no-good husband and boyfriend, respectively, and they pack up the car and head up to a mountain cabin owned by a friend of Louise’s. On the way up, Thelma is nearly raped by a man at a bar, and Louise gets there just in the nick of time to save her. She shoots the guy, and everyone cheers. Well, I cheered. Anyway, things quickly spiral out of control as Thelma and Louise become fugitives, and the film is basically an ode to strong women and girl power and how the best intentions go awry. But since I’d never actually seen the movie before now, I noticed a few other things about Thelma and Louise, too.

1. When It Comes To Assault, Not Much Has Changed

Post shooting that jerk who nearly raped Thelma, Louise tells Thelma they can’t go to the police because Thelma was dancing with him all night and people would say she asked for it. “We don’t live in that kind of world, Thelma,” she says. Well, Louise, we still don’t, in my opinion.

2. Never Leave Your Drink Alone On The Table

Sure, Louise and Thelma did not get roofied while in that bar, but when they left their booze on the table to go dance, all kinds of stranger danger sirens lit up in my head.

3. The Movie Is Like A Laura Ashley Store Exploded

Thelma’s home is nothing but floral prints in dusty hues. This changes later to denim and bandanas after the women are on the run.

4. Brad Pitt Was So Obvious

Like, seriously — how did Thelma not realize the moment she met him that Brad Pitt’s shirtless hitchhiker was going to screw them over? I get she’d never been laid properly, but damn, girl. Get it together.

5. We Need More Headscarves

How glam does Susan Sarandon look with that headscarf on when she’s driving the Thunderbird at the beginning of the movie? I need someone to teach me how to tie one.

6. Cell Phones Are Overrated

This movie would have taken such a different turn if the women had had better technology — cell phones to call for help, etc. — but I like the idea of being off the grid like they were. It’s refreshing.

7. Revenge Can Be Sweet

That trucker who kept harassing them was disgusting, and I cheered when they blew up his rig. They may be bitches of the devil or whatever he called them, but he sure deserved it.

8. There’s A Lot Of Humor

Khouri is a great writer, and she injected a lot more humor into the movie than I thought would be possible. Sure, it’s dark, but it definitely gets funnier the direr Thelma and Louise’s situation becomes. Like, they’re also laughing at their awful circumstances.

9. It’s So True To Female Friendships

Friendships can be complicated, but Thelma and Louise are the perfect yin and yang. One is freaking, the other is calm. One is worrying about money, the other is robbing a convenience store. It’s all about balance. Someone always needs to keep it cool.

10. Freedom Means Different Things

Some could argue that getting married is the ultimate endgame for women, but for Thelma and Louise, it was a trap. Though the walls are closing in for the women as the movie progresses, I actually think they get freer and freer up until the moment they flew over that cliff.

11. America Is Beautiful

I’ve never driven across the country before, but the sweeping views and long shots of the scenery in Thelma and Louise have definitely inspired me. Minus the whole murder and robbery stuff. I also will wear denim and bandanas.

12. “You Get What You Settle For” Is Scarily True

Louise says this to Thelma about her husband, and it’s the best advice anyone could give. Thelma settled because she didn’t think she could get anything better, and Louise is trying to bring out the best in her. Louise and Thelma are the soul mates — not their beaus.

If you’ve never seen Thelma and Louise, trust me ­— it’s your time to go watch it. It has feminist, badass ladies, some butt kicking, and plenty of great 1990s outfits. Oh, and the perfect road trip soundtrack.

Images: Pathé Entertainment; Giphy (13)