You Can Now Buy The BeautyBlender Pro In Bulk

by Kali Borovic

Brace yourselves, beauty lovers — your favorite brand is changing the makeup game yet again. Instead of going to the store every three months to replace your makeup sponge, you can now buy the BeautyBlender Pro in bulk, according to Refinery29. If you're wondering if the BeautyBlender Pro Pack is worth the price tag, the answer mainly depends on how your use the little sponge.

There are plenty of different colored BeautyBlenders out there, but the one every makeup professional and beauty vlogger raves about is the black Pro edition. It's so popular that the company is expanding the line to include a set of ten makeup sponges that you can buy for one price. The Pro Pac will cost $125, according to Refinery29, but if you're an avid sponge-user, it's definitely worth it.

Considering that each individual BeautyBlender costs $20, Refinery29 points out that this technically saves you $75 over time. Plus if you actually throw yours out every few months like you should be, you won't have to buy another makeup tool for a year and a half. Bottom line, if you have the money, you might as well invest.

Beauty Blender Pro Pac, $125, Camera Ready Cosmetics

This isn't the only addition to BeautyBlender's collection either. According to Allure, the Pro Collection will include black versions of the brand's Blotterazzi, MicroMini sponges, and Liner Designer tools as well. That's pretty exciting, if you're as obsessed with these game-changing tools as I am.

The bulk supply of full-size BeautyBlenders will be available sometime in July, according to Allure. There's no word on whether there will be ten-piece sets of the other Pro Collection tools as well. Something tells me that's where the company is headed though.

Originally the largest package of sponges that you could get was a six-count, but only makeup artists could get their hands on them. That makes this news pretty darn exciting for all the beauty enthusiasts out there just looking to save a few bucks. The beauty playing field has now been leveled!

For all the people just starting off with the sponge applicator, I would personal suggest investing in an individual one to see if you like it first. Once you get hooked, getting one of these pro packs will definitely be worth it. It might seem like a lot of money up front, but the $75 savings is totally worth it.

Let's just hope they eventually do this with all of their different BeautyBlender items!

Image: BeautyBlender/Instagram, BeautyBlender