What Is Pink’s ‘Just Like Fire’ About?

by Emily Lackey

If there’s one thing that I love in this world, it’s picking apart Pink songs and looking for their meaning. Mainly because Pink songs often have such strong messages. With themes like independence and inner strength, most of her music is nothing if not inspiring and empowering. And the same can be said for her latest song — which is off of the Alice Through the Looking Glass soundtrack — “Just Like Fire.” With lyrics that are relentlessly emboldening, I wanted to dig a little deeper into this song and really try to determine its meaning. So what is Pink’s “Just Like Fire” about? It may just be that the song’s lyrics hit a little closer to home for the singer.

Not that Pink has ever been shy about sharing her personal life through her music and her performances. The singer has performed deeply moving music through the years that many people have linked to her personal life. And it makes sense to me that an artist of her caliber would be inspired to inject some of her personal life into her music. But this song seems to me to be the most personal one yet.

With lyrics like “I’m wishing they’d stop tryna turn me off,” it seems like the song could be speaking to Pink’s own artistic journey and her career as a musician. Those hints continue in the first verse when she sings, “And I’m walking on a wire, trying to go higher / Feels like I’m surrounded by clowns and liars.” That wire line seem reminiscent to me of the aerial tricks the singer has become known for in performances, and the clowns and liars... well, it's Hollywood, right?

Of course, this is all my interpretation, since Pink’s lyrics are somewhat vague. But, it does seem like the song is striking a personal note for the singer. Especially when the lyrics focus on the importance of affecting the world even for a brief time: “If I can light the world up for just one day… No one can be just like me anyway.” As much as it’s an empowering song about her own value as a person and as an artist, the lyrics also hint at how important it is to her personally that she continues to make and bring light to the world through music.

It really is a stunning track. And, like all of her songs, it’s one that will no doubt inspire me for years to come.